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Sometimes, tracking someone’s phone is not creepy. These days, parents need to track their children’s phones for security reasons as parents need to know where their children are at all times.

There are lots of free phone tracker apps that you can download and install to ensure your kids’ security and satisfy your curiosity. Most of these apps are very easy to use and require no tech experience.

We suggest you read this post to the end as we’ll list some of the best free phone tracker apps you can use.


Free phone tracker apps are applications that can be used to monitor a phone’s location, calls, texts, and app usage. With the help of these tools, parents and businesses can easily keep an eye on how their kids and staff use their phones.


The majority of free phone tracker apps operate by using the phone’s GPS location. After that, the app takes advantage of triangulation to determine the phone’s approximate location. triangulation means finding a location by using three known points. The cell towers that the phone is connected to in this instance are the three known points.

The GPS location of the phone will be used by the free phone tracker app, which will then compare it to the locations of the cell towers. The app can provide you with an approximate position of the phone based on this information.


As people’s concerns about privacy grow, free phone tracker apps are growing in popularity. Free phone tracker apps have a lot of good uses, but they can also be abused in a lot of ways.

A person’s whereabouts can be tracked with free phone tracker apps without that person’s knowledge or agreement. There are several reasons to do this, such as monitoring someone you know, tracing someone who is in danger, or recovering stolen phones.

Aside from knowing the location of the phone, free phone tracker apps also allow you to monitor activity and even read their text messages. Even though there are lots of mobile tracker apps out there, not all of them are made equally. Certain types have more features than others, and some are more accurate than others.


The following is a list of some of the best free phone tracker apps that you can use to keep tabs on whoever you want:

1. Google Maps

Free phone tracker app

The first app on our list of best free phone tracker apps is Google Maps. Google Maps is one of the best free online navigation services for finding phone locations.

Google Maps is fantastic, particularly when riding a bike or automobile. This application has many built-in features that make it simple for the user to discover new locations. The fact that this app is free to download is its main selling point.

Free phone tracker app

Next on our list of best free phone tracker apps is mSpy. mSpy is an excellent app for phone tracking and parental control that works on Kindle Fire, the majority of Android phones, and all iOS versions. It contains many sophisticated capabilities, such as encrypted data access, website blocking, and keylogging.

This tool has a demo and three pricing plans: 1 Month ($48.99 per month), 3 Months ($27.99 per month), and 12 Months ($11.66 per month).

3. Cocospy

Cocospy is next on our list of best free phone tracker apps. This tracker is very effective for family monitoring. After installing and configuring it on the intended device, all of the device’s data will be available on your dashboard which is very user-friendly.

You can get a bird’s eye view of everything happening on the cell phone that Cocospy is spying on with its graphic web-based dashboard. We respect this product because of its feature-rich system and ease of use. Although Cocospy isn’t free, you can evaluate its features and usability with a free demo. It gives you access to all of the information it gathers through a secure route and displays it on an extensive web-based dashboard with visuals.

This is where you can monitor someone’s behavior on Whatsapp, Facebook, and Twitter, among other social media apps. Along with monitoring every sent and received message, including ones that have been deleted, you can also keep track of all incoming and departing calls with timestamps attached. The app also lets you use GPS tracking and SIM card tracking to find the position of a phone.

The app has different plans for Android and iOS. The Android Premium costs $9.99 per month, Basic costs $39.99 per month and Family costs $69.99 (when purchased annually). The iOS Premium costs $10.83 per month, Basic costs $99.99 per month while Family costs $399.99 (when purchased annually)

4. eyeZy

Next on our list of best free phone tracker apps is eyeZy. EyeZy is a feature-rich free phone tracker app that performs all the functions you would expect. With this app, you can track an iOS or Android device and keep its existence a secret from the device’s owner.

Once installed, eyeZy will allow you to remotely monitor calls, messages, and online activity easily. This app will also assist you in finding any file, picture, video, etc. on the device, regardless of where it is using GPS.

eyeZy is a cell phone tracking app with a ton of features and is cross-compatible, which makes it admirable. It works covertly in the background, providing you with up-to-date information on everything that is happening on the target device. This is one app that will appeal to businesses and parents. It costs $9.99 for a full year, $27.99 for three months, and $47.99 for one month.

5. SpyBubble

SpyBubble is another great free phone tracker app. SpyBubble offers an amazing, feature-rich platform that fulfills the promise of reliable cell phone tracking even though it isn’t precisely free. This is one of those apps that enables you to manipulate several aspects of the target device besides monitoring phone activity on it.

Screenshots from the target device can be quietly sent to you by the software and the platform makes precise GPS tracking possible. It always can locate the target device with accuracy.

It has grown in popularity all around the world among responsible parents who want to monitor their children’s activities. Since the company acquires licenses so quickly, it provides its clients discounts more regularly. It is remarkably adept at tracking a large number of devices. It costs 24.95$ for a personal subscription which only tracks one device and 49.95$ for a family subscription that tracks five devices.

6. Phonsee

Next on our list of best free phone tracker apps is Phonsee. This app is perfect for tracking the exact location of someone on the map and geofencing. This app is also capable of capturing the screen of the target device.

Phonsee is excellent for tracking cell phone usage; it is simple to set up and use. The app makes phone espionage appear simple, from tracking calls to keeping an eye on social media apps. It costs $8.85 per month when billed annually, $24.79 per month for 3 months, and $42.51 monthly.

7. Where’s My Droid

Where’s My Droid is also one of the best free phone tracker apps. This app works only on Android devices. By using this app, you can trace a phone for free. This app is very simple and convenient to use. This app doesn’t occupy too much space on your phone.

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8. Hoverwatch

Next on our list of best free phone tracker apps is Hoverwatch. This app keeps track of calls, SMS messages, GPS, and messages. It can stay undetectable on the targeted device by operating in stealth mode. You can install the app covertly from the internet.

Hoverwatch can be used to monitor calls and messages and it retrieves and stores the phone book for later use. It also tracks your target’s Facebook, Viber, Snapchat, and Whatsapp accounts using GPS tracking and sim card tracking. Even browser history can be tracked using Hoverwatch.

9. Spynger

Free phone tracker app

Spynger is the next free phone tracker app on our list. It enables users to keep an eye on both incoming and outgoing calls and messages. The tool also provides you with a comprehensive summary of all activity taking place on the social media apps on your target device.

Spynger works on both iOS and Android smartphones. This application simplifies the process of monitoring calls, messages, and social media activity with its abundance of capabilities and ease of setup.

It costs $10.83 per month when billed annually, $26 per month when billed quarterly, and $45.49 per month when billed monthly.

10. KidsGuard

The next free phone tracker app on our list is KidsGuard. Most parents use this tool because it is very effective. It has an extensive tracking and monitoring feature set that lets you keep an eye on activity on your target device covertly.

You can help ensure the safety of your loved ones by using this dependable and efficient mobile tracking software. It also offers a comprehensive control panel and an intuitive user interface for monitoring activity on your target device.

11. Life360

Life360 is another excellent free phone tracker app that made our list. You can easily track your family in one location because of its slick, user-friendly layout. There are lots of helpful features in the Free plan. Using this free phone tracker app, you can check the entire location history of your target. You can sign up to receive “Place Alerts,” which notify you when members of your family arrive at designated locations. The monthly cost of the app is $14.99 for iOS and Android users.

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12. FamiSafe

The next app on our list of best free phone tracker apps is FamiSafe. This app is common among parents who want to protect their kids online and offline. This app can be used for free but it has a 3-day free trial of the premium plan.

You can filter harmful website material, identify questionable photographs, impose screen time limitations, and install geofencing with the help of the free trial. For iOS and Android, the software can be downloaded for as little as $10.99 a month.

13. uMobix

Free phone tracker app

uMobix is one of the most popular free phone tracker apps. It can keep an eye on everything that happens on your child’s tablet or smartphone and it works on both iOS and Android devices. It can track the activities on over 30 different social media apps.

The app is simple to install and operate and it offers updates in real time. This app supports all iPhones, iPads, and Android OS 4+ devices. You can get a quote for pricing details and it will cost you $49.99 for 6 months.

14. ClevGuard

Next on our list of best free phone tracker apps is ClevGuard. With the help of this parental control app, parents can keep an eye on their kids’ phone usage. It allows you to rapidly and remotely access files, just like other parent control tools. You can also install a geofence and get notifications anytime your child crosses the boundaries. You can count on round-the-clock, multilingual chat and email help when you use ClevGuard. You can also use a WiFi, 3G, or 4G network to obtain remote screenshots and data syncing.

15. SpyHuman

Wrapping up our list of best free phone tracker apps is SpyHuman. Many features are available for those who want to track mobile devices with this app

Aside from tracking a user’s location, the software lets you see what they’ve done on a particular device, including browsing history, pictures, video files, and more. The monitored device also provides a live capture of the surrounding area. This app can be used on both iOS and Android devices for as little as $9.99 per month. You can use the free trial to determine if you’ll pay for it.


It can be difficult to choose the best free phone tracker app out of the many options available on the market. You can, however, focus your search and choose the ideal software by thinking about the purpose for which you want to utilize it.

You’ve narrowed down your options by listing some of the best free phone tracker apps. Try them and let us know your experiences.



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