50 Cent Refutes Claim That The Game Wrote “What Up Gangsta”: “You Wasn’t Even Around”

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50 Cent Refutes Claim That The Game Wrote “What Up Gangsta”: “You Wasn’t Even Around”.

On Friday, The Game released his sprawling new album, Drillmatic: Heart Vs. Mind. The album cycle has seen Game stirring up many of his old beefs. As such, the credits behind the rapper’s classic record The Documentary have once more been under scrutiny. Just a few days ago, an old hard drive resurfaced with 50 Cent‘s demo of “Higher.”

On The Breakfast Club, 50 further discussed how involved he was with writing songs on Documentary. While 50’s involvement on “Hate It or Love It,” “How We Do,” and “Higher” have all been established, the New York rapper focused the attention on “What Up Gangsta.” According to 50, The Game didn’t have anything to do with writing the song, contrary to the rapper’s past claims.


50 told The Breakfast Club, “[Game] said he wrote ‘What Up Gangsta.’ I’m like, ‘C’mon on, bro. You wasn’t even around when we did that. That was before you even came into the picture… We didn’t even know who he was until after.” As to why The Game might be lying, 50 guessed, “There’s a point when you [reach] desperation and you’ll say anything.”

In the past, Wack 100 alleged that “What Up Gangsta” was co-written by Game. When it came to the chorus, Wack said, “Who you think wrote that? I’mma leave it alone… Bro just don’t be beating his chest.”

Now, attention is on The Game’s new album, Drillmatic. The massive 30-song record boasts huge features, including Lil Wayne, Kanye West, Pusha T, NBA YoungBoy, YG, Nipsey Hussle, Roddy Ricch, Ice-T, Rick Ross, and many more.


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