6,000 Find Hope Amidst Tragedy: Foundation Delivers Relief to Plateau Attack Survivors

6,000 Find Hope Amidst Tragedy: Foundation Delivers Relief to Plateau Attack Survivors.

In response to the recent devastating attacks in Bokkos and Barikin Ladi local government areas of Plateau State, the Harvesters African Empowerment Foundation (HAEF), an initiative under the esteemed Harvesters International Christian Centre, has initiated a comprehensive relief effort to support the recovery of the victims.

The relief mission focused on providing immediate assistance to the victims, with over 6,000 individuals receiving essential supplies. The aid packages were meticulously curated to address the diverse needs of the affected population.

Food staples such as rice, maize, pasta, beans, and groundnut oil were distributed, including crucial household items like mattresses, blankets, mats, clothing, toys, and shoes for men, women, and children.

“Our hearts go out to the victims of these senseless attacks,” said the Lead Project Manager, HAEF, Dinyambe Nyatua.

“In times of tragedy, we believe in the power of collective compassion and support that can transform lives quickly and effectively. Therefore, our goal is to ensure that every person affected by the incidents can easily navigate the difficult journey of rebuilding and healing. We are not just providing aid; we are extending a hand of solidarity, a promise that they are not alone in facing the aftermath of such a traumatic event,” Nyatua added.

According to Nyatua, “the Foundation’s commitment is rooted in the belief that communities can emerge stronger when united against adversity, even as he emphasised the resilience of the victims.

“There are men, women and young children here who have lost families, properties, and are now forced to restart their lives. Our relief efforts are designed to address immediate needs, providing sustenance, warmth, and comfort, so we encourage the public to join hands with us in this mission of restoration.

“The foundation is poised to implement a structured intervention plan, which will extend beyond the immediate aftermath to the long-term recovery and empowerment of the communities.”

According to HAEF, the second phase of the project will not only focus on helping the victims recover but also assist residents in resuming their pre-attack occupations and rebuilding their homes.

In recent attacks in the North-Central Nigeria, armed groups have killed over 160 people in a series of assaults on villages, particularly in Bokkos and Bariki Ladi LGAs of Plateau State with the most recent being Mangu LGA in the same State.

The attacks resulted in more than 300 wounded individuals, with victims transferred to hospitals in Bokkos, Jos, and Barkin Ladi. Despite special military operations, Plateau communities experienced monthly attacks in 2023, leading to the death of over 100 individuals and the burning of 221 houses. The situation remains volatile, with fresh attacks reported, further highlighting the ongoing security challenges in the region.



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