Adam22 Claps Back at T-Rell After Rapper Threatens His 2-Year-Old Daughter

Adam22 Claps Back at T-Rell After Rapper Threatens His 2-Year-Old Daughter. T-Rell has had enough of Adam22 and is making it known that it’s on sight every time. The tension between the two is escalating, with T-Rell taking things to a whole new level today by not only threatening physical confrontation but also mentioning Adam22‘s daughter.

“I want everybody to hate me, for the rest of your life,” T-Rell began. “Tell Parker when she see me … When you see this Parker when you’re older, I’ma kick you in your a**. And f**k yo daddy. F**k yo grandma too. You feel me, but thats where I’m at with it.” T-Rell called out Parker, Adam22’s 2-year-old daughter.

The beef unfolded on social media. This all stemmed from a heated back and forth between the two. Today, Adam22 called out T-Rell and BackOnFig and said the fans are losing interest in the podcast. He says that T-Rell had the biggest opportunity in media to capture people’s attention after leaving No Jumper. Adam then proceeded to break down the Figgmunity World podcasts and analyzed the numbers, calling it a failing platform. “You guys all left full-time, good paying gigs to start this channel,” Adam22 said. He continued, “You have no vision, no ideas besides copying No Jumper. You don’t bring anything new to the table besides what you learned at No Jumper.”

T-Rell Wants All The Smoke

However, now that T-Rell clapped back and brought Adam’s kid into it, fans are not on his side. “Weird behavior. Leave the children out of this!” one person commented about T-Rell’s statement to kick his daughter’s a**. The intensity of the situation reached a new peak when T-Rell mentioned Adam22’s daughter, a move that often takes beefs to a personal level. Adam22 took a second today to also respond to T-Rell’s words. “This is how easy this gonna be?” Adam22 said on an IG story in response to T-Rell.

“I do a 28-minute surgical dismantling of your life, career, and what you’ve accomplished, and then you say you’re gonna kick my daughter in the a**?” Adam22 continued. “Do you think you’re winning anyone over with this sort of outburst? You need to use your words bud. Uh, frankly I’m embarrassed. You coulda did a lot better. You didn’t respond to anything that I said. You’re not good at this. That’s why you’re threatening to kick kids in the a**.” As the online drama continues to unfold, fans are left speculating about whether this beef will fizzle out or escalate into a face-to-face confrontation.

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