Al Jazeera Media Institute in Qatar invites media practitioners, researchers for fellowship program

Al Jazeera Media Institute in Qatar invites media practitioners, researchers for fellowship program

The Al Jazeera Media Institute (AJMI) has announced its two-month fellowship program at its media institute in Qatar for media practitioners, journalists, and researchers.

This fellowship program offered by the Al Jazeera Media Institute (AJMI) aims to promote research in media and other journalism-related fields, providing fellows with practical learning experiences within the Al Jazeera Media Network (AJMN).

The program’s objective is to contribute to the advancement of high-quality journalism, helping journalists to adapt to modern technologies, and fostering innovation and research.

Additionally, it seeks to offer journalists and researchers the chance to immerse themselves in AJMN’s work culture, understand its journalistic practices, and provide them exposure to its environment.

As part of the Al Jazeera Fellowship, participating journalists and scholars will have the opportunity to write a 7,000-word research paper focusing on selected fields of journalism.

How participants will benefit

  • Selected participants in the program will have the opportunity to:
  • Become part of a team within AJMN, gaining firsthand experience in the working environment.
  • Engage with editors, journalists, and other staff members pertinent to their research proposal.

Program duration

The program will run for two months and consist of two primary phases:

  • Phase 1 (To be conducted remotely): The researcher will develop and submit a research plan along with an introduction to their research paper before advancing to the next stage.
  • Phase 2 (To be carried out at Al Jazeera Media Network Headquarters): The researcher will further their research, culminating in the final submission of the paper.

Who is needed for the program?

Applicants are required to fulfil the following criteria:

  • Possess a Bachelor’s degree.
  • Be engaged as a full-time journalist or researcher (whether freelance or employed).
  • Have a minimum of four years of professional experience in journalism or research, specifically in journalistic and/or media-related fields.
  • Be proficient in research and writing skills.
  • Be fluent in English, both spoken and written.
  • Be from non-Arab countries, such as Nigeria.

Research proposal requirements

The proposal for the Fellowship should range from 1000 to 1500 words, illustrating the relevance of your research to your field.

It should demonstrate the necessity of your work in addressing a gap in the existing body of research on your subject, acknowledging previous studies, and contributing new insights. The proposal must include the following elements:

  • An introduction to your topic, presenting your proposal, and outlining the questions your research intends to answer.
  • The significance of your subject.
  • A brief overview of the research methodology, including the theories/approaches the researcher plans to employ.
  • The tools and procedures to be utilized for data collection, analysis, and interpretation.
  • Anticipated challenges during the research.
  • An explanation of how journalists could benefit from your final research.
  • A rationale for how your placement at Al Jazeera headquarters will enhance your research project.

How to apply

In addition to completing the online application form, applicants are required to submit the following documents in PDF format, except video, images, or other graphic materials provided as work samples.

  • Curriculum vitae.
  • Fellowship proposal (must include title, field of interest, objectives, methodology, and abstract).
  • A signed letter of commitment.
  • Three samples of the applicant’s work in English.
  • Two letters of recommendation.

The application process for English-speaking applicants to the Al Jazeera Fellowship Programme ends on the 30th of January 2024.

The application form can be found here.


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