Andrew Tate Criticizes Lena The Plug

Andrew Tate Criticizes Lena The Plug

Andrew Tate Criticizes Lena The Plug & Adam 22 In New Tucker Carlson Interview. Andrew Tate is someone who has completely polarized the internet. Overall, some people love him, and others absolutely hate him. However, if one thing is for sure, it’s that he will be going to trial in his sex trafficking case. His legal issues have persisted for months at this point. He was stuck in jail for quite some time before eventually being allowed to leave. Although now, he is stuck waiting for a trial date that could determine the course of his life. It’s a wild fall from grace, even if his supporters still love him unabashedly.

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Recently, Andrew Tate sat down with none other than Tucker Carlson for an interview on his new Twitter show. Despite the declining numbers for Carlson’s show, he still decided to make the trip to Romania so that he could speak to Tate. The conversation touched on numerous topics. Of course, the main ones were masculinity and the “matrix” which has just become a stand-in for “things I personally don’t like or believe in.” Moreover, Tate decided to give his opinion on Adam 22 and Lena The Plug.

Andrew Tate Goes Off

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Adam and Lena have become a hot topic of debate due to their recent shenanigans. Lena just did a sex tape with another man, and Adam 22 is promoting it. As you can imagine, Andrew Tate was disgusted by this and told Tucker Carlson about it. In fact, he tried to subsequently turn this into an overarching point about how strong women are forcing men to get vaccinated. It was all a huge reach, however, that is par for the course with Tate. Whatever sells the most subscriptions to Hustlers University is what’s best for the Tate empire.

Once Andrew Tate starts bringing up topics to Tucker Carlson, you can officially declare that topic dead. Now, it seems like we can all move on from the Adam 22 and Lena The Plug saga. Of course, the video has yet to come out, but once it does, we’re sure the news cycle will pick back up for about 24 hours, maybe 23, if we’re lucky.

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