Ari Fletcher and Her Father First-Ever Meeting in 2023

Ari Fletcher Has Heartfelt Conversation With Her Father

Ari Fletcher and Her Father First-Ever Meeting in 2023. It was a difficult talk that the model and influencer didn’t walk away very happy from, but hopefully it provided some closure.

Ari Fletcher grew up without her biological father, and though she found plenty of success in her personal life, it’s a void that’s hard to heal. However, for a new episode of the reality TV series The Impact Atlanta, she agreed to sit down with him for the first time ever. Moreover, Moneybagg Yo’s flame had a heartfelt but difficult conversation with him, in which they touched on his reasons for absence and her emotions that resulted from it. As such, if these are sensitive topics for you, we suggest you proceed with caution. It’s nothing explicit, too dramatic, or directly harmful, but the emotions are potent.

“My life was really at my job most of the time,” Ari Fletcher’s father reflected at the start of their sit-down. “Like, I worked hella hours. Ten and twelve hour days until you became 18 years old.” With tears in her eyes, the influencer replied, “That don’t mean anything,” which her father disagreed with. Still, she wanted to make it clear that his actions ended up having a huge effect on her that she still holds close to her heart.

Ari Fletcher’s Emotional First-Ever Sit-Down With Her Father: Watch

“You weren’t there for graduations, you weren’t there for dances, for prom,” Ari Fletcher continued. “I feel like it’s completely missing out on my life.” To explain this, her father said that he was “chasing happiness” for himself at this time, and got too “caught up” in that process. Afterwards, the Chicago native asked her father if he “feels okay now,” which he said is not the case. In addition, she remarked that she’s “off child support” and should “take a shot to that,” and it’s unclear exactly what she meant.

“That’s bulls**t,” the 28-year-old expressed in a post-conversation recording. “I feel like coming here and getting his side and hearing his truth just kind of like a letdown for me.” Her father said that, since he sees her doing well in her endeavors on social media, he sees that she’s “doing alright” despite the lack of communication. We’ll see if this is enough to heal these wounds. For more news and the latest updates on Ari Fletcher, keep checking in with 360Hausa.

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