Benzino Slams Coi Leray and Angie Martinez for Spreading Falsehoods

Benzino Slams Coi Leray and Angie Martinez for Spreading Falsehoods. Zino wasn’t too happy to hear his daughter’s comments about feeling like he’s “envious” of her success.

After her breakout year in 2022, many wondered if Coi Leray could maintain her success in 2023. She delivered her sophomore album, COI, a few months ago, and while its numbers were slightly lower than her debut, many tracks on the album went viral on platforms like TikTok. Leray has also been collaborating with other stars in recent months, releasing catchy songs with Lola Brooke, RAYE, and Busta Rhymes.

Despite all that she’s achieved in life so far, one area of the black-haired beauty’s life that remains troubled is her relationship with her father, Benzino. We saw them share a sweet moment back in September when responding to an apparent diss from Latto, however, feelings have obviously changed based on what Leray had to say in her new interview with Angie Martinez. According to the Trendsetter, she feels as though The Source legend is “envious” of all that she’s accomplishing.

Coi Leray Sits Down with Angie Martinez

“At first it was rocky, because I felt like he couldn’t handle my success,” she told the radio personality. “[It’s] okay because he’s human, that’s fine,” Leray noted, not holding too much animosity toward her father. Despite her calmness in sharing her feelings, Benzino had plenty to get off his chest in an angry IG rant. “This has to be the most ridiculous I’ve heard in my entire life on this earth. How tf can be envious towards someone I RAISED, NUTURED, PROVIDED FOR, INFLUENCED AND LOVE VERY DEARLY???” he asked on Friday (November 10) afternoon.

“This industry and the internet have completely messed up the minds of this young generation. I’m tired of her pushing a false narrative about who I am and what I’ve done as a father. In my 40 years in hip hop I’ve never ever seen an artist DOG their parents out the [way] Coi does and it’s embarrassing and sad,” the 58-year-old went on. After giving his daughter a piece of his mind, Benzino then went in on Martinez. “@angiemartinez knows she doesn’t like me so she’s just being manipulative and messy,” he speculated. “They want me [to] crash out but I’ve worked on myself so hard that I ain’t going backwards for ANYTHING,” Zino promised.

Benzino Responds to His Daughter’s Criticism

“But what I won’t do is allow ANYONE to slander my name and push a false narrative on my reputation and who I am. I’ve shed too many blood, sweat, and tears, and survived street wards and indictments. Nope no more,” his response concluded. Do you think the podcaster’s line of questioning with Coi Leray took things too far? Let us know in the comments, and check back later for more hip-hop/pop culture news updates.


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