Best 7 Horror Anthology Films 2023 (Selective Movies)

The 7 Most Terrifying Horror Anthology Films, Ranked

Are you looking for The 7 Best Horror Anthology Films to Watch This Halloween. We’re here with Scariest Horror Anthology Movies of All Time. Carefully check: Best 7 Horror Anthology Films 2023 (Selective Movies).

Horror anthologies are a unique subgenre of horror films that typically consist of multiple self-contained stories or segments within a single narrative framework. In no small amount, anthologies have made significant contributions to the genre’s success throughout the years. Sure, they might not have consistent commercial success like blockbuster franchises. Moreover, anthologies have been extremely significant in developing the genre.

Anthologies serve as an excellent platform for original horror stories to thrive. But for viewers, there’s a deeper sense of gratification from witnessing multiple stories unfold at once. Either way, if you’re looking for an alternative to the same classic Halloween horror staples, a good horror anthology is hard to beat. The following offerings are a great way to break into the subgenre.

7. V/H/S/2 (2013)

Even though V/H/S/2 is not the highest-rated film in the V/H/S franchise, it is the most effective at evoking terror. This horror anthology serves as the sequel to the original 2012 film. Following the same found footage format, the sequel anthology is split into five chilling short stories. Each segment covers a range of horror subgenres, including supernatural horror, zombie apocalypse, and cult horror. As a result, the visceral and shocking moments are designed to elicit fear and discomfort are delivered throughout all five stories.

6. Ghost Stories (2017)

Ghost Stories follows the story of Professor Phillip Goodman, a skeptic and psychologist specializing in debunking supernatural phenomena. He embarks on a mission to investigate three unsolved cases of paranormal activity, each more terrifying than the last. Each segment is splendidly tied together in a shocking and unexpected finale. It also offers an ending that challenges both Goodman’s and the viewers’ perceptions of reality. On the whole, Ghost Stories is a movie that will stay in the minds of its viewers for a long time. It is certainly one of the best offerings in the horror anthology genre in the last decade, at least.

5. Three… Extremes (2004)

This horror anthology film features three segments directed by acclaimed Asian filmmakers. Firstly, Dumplings, directed by Hong Kong’s Fruit Chan, tells a horror tale of vanity and morality. The second, Cut, is directed by South Korea’s Park Chan-wook from South Korea. It explores themes of revenge, power dynamics, manipulation, and control. The third and final segment is titled Box, and the direction is handled by Japan’s Takashi Mike. Box explores the profound impact of grief and survivor’s guilt, as well as psychological trauma. By the end of each story, viewers are left feeling profoundly unsettled.

4. Trick ‘r Treat (2007)

Sometimes, a good horror movie can pack some humor. That’s what Trick ‘r Treat aims for, and succeeds at. This anthology of interwoven stories occurs on Halloween night. The entire story is set in the fictional town of Warren, Ohio, and linked together by a mysterious trick-or-treater named Sam. The film is split into four segments that explore various traditions, myths, as well as legends associated with Halloween. It excellently blends elements of horror, comedy, and the supernatural, making for a very well-rounded film altogether. In short, it is arguably the lighter Halloween option, especially in comparison to the rest of the list.

3. Black Sabbath (1963)

Black Sabbath is an Italian horror anthology film directed by Mario Bava that comprises three separate stories. However, they are all linked by the recurring theme of supernatural or macabre occurrences. Fear, isolation, guilt, and punishment are also some of the themes explored throughout the film. Black Sabbath is a celebrated classic in the horror anthology subgenre, especially due to its intense gothic style. The film effectively employs shadowy visuals and eerie lighting. Through the aesthetic choices, Bava created a haunting atmosphere throughout its runtime. It remains a significant work in the realm of anthology horror films.

2. Southbound (2015)

Southbound consists of five interconnected short stories that unfold in a desolate, mysterious desert landscape. The five segments of the film were handled by four directors: Roxanne Benjamin, David Bruckner, Patrick Horvath, and Radio Silence. The latter of which directed two segments. All five stories are woven together, creating a cohesive narrative, and providing a sense of continuity. Southbound effectively uses ambiguity to drive home a palpable sense of dread. It is undoubtedly a modern horror anthology classic. Rest assured, it is a film that will leave the hearts of viewers racing.

1. Dead Of Night (1945)

In Dead of Night, Architect Walter Craig arrives at a remote country house for a job. Upon his arrival, he experiences a strong sense of déjà vu. However, the guests at the house dismiss his intuition. However, as they gather, Walter begins recounting a series of disturbing dreams he has had about them. Each of these dreams becomes a standalone story that eventually makes up the anthology.

Dead of Night is often regarded as the first horror anthology film ever released. While difficult to confirm, it is certainly the first widely successful film the genre produced. Moreover, it is one of the most influential horror films of all times and a groundbreaking effort in the anthology genre. Although not as gory as most other films on this list, the film will make viewers feel a deep sense of disorientation and unease. With its eerie tales, Dead of Night remains a timeless classic and a triumph in horror cinema. It also remains one of the most acclaimed horror offerings of all time, with a near-perfect Rotten Tomatoes score from critics and audiences alike.


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