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Best Hausa Hip Hop Artists Of The Year 2021



Best Hausa Hip Artists Of The Year 2021

Best Hausa Hip Artists Of The Year 2021

There is no doubt that Hausa hip hop will soon become one of the top most valued and accepted gener of music world wide.

The Northern region is one part of Nigeria that is blessed with so many great talents, excitingly and gradually the relevance placed on the Northern entertainment industry is rising everyday.

Similarly, attention and spotlight is extending to Northern Side.  In this special Publication by 360Hausa, we have carefully selected in no particular order some of the Northern Hip Hop artist making waves at the moment.

This publication would point out the Best Hausa Rappers & Singers in Northern Nigeria at the moment within the year under review.

These artists are many but to mention few are:

  1. DJ AB






  7. LSVEE

  8. FEEZY




  12. SOJA BOY





  17. DON R

  18. DIVADI






Haruna Abdullahi  popularly known as DJ AB is a Nigerian rapper, musician, producer, songwriter and performer. DJ AB is one of the highly rated artist in the northern part of Nigeria (Arewa) with enormous number of hit songs that lead to his breakthrough across the country since 2015.

In 2011, DJ AB started his Musical career with the Yaran North Side (YNS) group, where they bought musical equipment and started making beats in addition to recording vocal references.He  is the magic finger fproducer) behind hit songs like Su Baba ne, Yar Boko, Babarsa, Her love, Soyayya and more .

DJ Abba has performed a wide range of songs across Northern Nigeria, and other neighboring    countries such as Niger, Cameroon and Ghana.

In 2020, Dj Ab, collaborated with Deezell, BOC Madaki, Kheengz They released an album titled THE FOUR HORSEMEN ALBUM.

In 2021, DJ AB  released a new studio body of work Extended Play (EP) titled ” Supa” which was described as the most highly anticipated  project in the north.

He delivered this project this year, 2021 via Subabane Records Under Exclusive License To emPawa Africa Limited which has been served on all platforms for the listening delight of the fans. The EP houses 8 tracks featuring Di’ja and emPawa Africa Boss, Mr Eazi who contributed to making the project a successful one.




Boc Madaki whose real name is Luka Bulus Madaki is a Talented Nigerian Hausa Rapper, Songwriter, And A Stage Performer.

The Rapper was born (22nd of September 1993) in Bogoro local government area of Bauchi State. BOC MADAKI otherwise  called ‘Barde Ogan Chasu’ deserves every hype and credits the media Houses gives him.

Often times, BOC is underrated but in reality he’s one of the most hard working rappers out there. BOC is a bi-lingual rapper and his unique style of lyrics composure has made the fans favorite, as well his energetic movement during stage performance.

The rapper has continuously put out awesome projects, which includes: his debut Body of work NO ENGLISH (Album) was a masterpiece, He went on to release a 12 track body of work titled ‘Sorry Please Thanks’. Most recently he released another body of work titled “Northy By Nature’ which is doing Pretty well on the charts. The Album is Best Hausa Hip Hop Album of The Year 2021, and BOC Madaki is the most featured top artist in Arewa and this make him trend every day.




Ibrahim Rufai, professionaly known by his stage name Deezell, is a Seattle based Nigerian Rapper/Actor. He was born in Michigan State, but moved back to Nigeria at the age of 5 with his family.Deezell has earned the respect of countless music fans, attracting them with his clever punchlines, strong delivery, and a cocky attitude , He has collaborated with artist like , Korede Bello , Yung6ix and lots more.

Recently he announced his retirement from music but later continued with his career after he got married . Deezell is regarded as one of the most famous celebrity from the North worldwide. He presented many records that are trending.  Duk Abinda Zai faru Ya Faru can be considered as his major release, and Super Story as project  push him more higher indeed.

Prior to the end of this year Deezel announced the launching of his own personal record label called Arewa Cartel. According to the singer the record label will sign artists mostly from the northern part of Nigeria.



Buba Barnabas also known as ClassiQ or (self-acclaimed) Arewa Mafia is one amazing talent that rose from the north.  Classiq came into prominence with his lead single ‘Duniya’.

The song caught the attention of many audience across the north and beyond, Since the release of Duniya the self proclaimed SARKI BUBA has gone on to release so many hit songs. Some of his notable hit songs include ; An fara, Hau pa, GARGAJIYA, Gudu featuring one of Africa’s Finnest Rapper MI Abaga To Hoto and more.  Classiq was also featured on Vector’s ‘King Kong’ remix alongside Phyno, Reminisce and Uzi.


ClassiQ released the official video of his raving song GARGAJIYA under the imprint of one of Africa’s giant music company “Chocolate City Music”.  A company that housed established artist like Ice Prince, MI Abaga, Jesse Jagz, Brymo, Dice Ailes, KOKOR and many more. He was also Featured by Thamarvel on a timeless song they called ‘Simple Life’. Recently ClassiQ gave his fans an extraordinary Extended Play he titled “Class Walk”. Most recently, the rapper release another single he tagged ‘Yaran Zamai’ featuring chocolate city frontier Ice Price Zamani.




Musa Akila popularly known as Morell ‘Musa Jikan Musa’ or ‘Gatan Arewa’ is a talented Nigerian artiste,

He is often regarded as one of the early pioneers of northern hip hop and Afro pop.  Morell has been in the game for quite some time now and is still very visible within the industry.  His early releases include ‘Anti Social’ featuring one of Nigeria’s biggest indigenous Rappers “Olamide”.  Since then Morell has had couple of hit songs like Ganga da Garaya, Aure, Haba and so many other amazing songs.  Morell has an album titled “Musa Jikan Musa” In the stores and according to the Singer/Rapper he’s currently working on another project titled ENGHAUSA. He won the City People Music Award for Best R&B Music Act of the Year in 2018.

This 2021He must be counted among the top and best arewa artists, as he delivered back to back songs, and also bless his fans with an Album “MVNSA”. Morell is forever legend, as he never gave unwanted.



Yung Khengz and self-proclaimed “Voice of Arewa”  (VOA

King Bawa, often times called Yung Khengz and self-proclaimed “Voice of Arewa”  (VOA) is one rare Gene from the north side, Talented and Versatile.  Khengz went viral for his ‘lam North’ single which brought attention to the rapper, the technical ability, lyrical content and social impact the song had on his people was enough to start a movement “I AM NORTH”.  Kheengz release Aboki freestyle one of Ice Prince hit which got him M I Abaga attention.

In 2013 Kheengz features M I abaga in his first project College kid mixtape title ‘Jealousy’. Kheengz released VOA1 “voice of arewa volume 1” in 2015, and release Pedestal EP in December 2017. Voice of Arewa volume2 (VOA2) was released in 2020, he features artist like Erigga, DJ Ab, DJ Steve, and ijaya.

kheengz , Deezell, B O C Madaki released joint Album Four horsemen in collaboration with DJ Ab. His most recent release  features Nigerian heavy weight  rappers Falz and MI Abaga on his hit track titled ‘Who Be This Guy’. The song has gained a wide acceptance and is doing well on the chart. No doubt he is a figurative Hausa Hip Hop Artist of The year 2021.


  1. LSVEE


Lukman Alhassan, popularly known as Lsvee, is a kaduna base hip hop artist (rapper). He studied computer science at Alqalam University Katsina. He’s earned respect and fame for the countless music he’s done, He came into music as a result of the love and passion he has for the art.

Some of his recent hit tracks are Kudin Makarantana featuring DJ Ab and Akwati Dozen, currently Lsvee is amoung the North most promising artist. As he continously  keep making hit back to back. And This 2021 He shining indeed.

  1. FEEZY


2021 is a historic Year indeed, as many gave Best and amazing hits. It’s a year full of creativity in music, and a Year of competitions. All the above artists did more than best in pushing Arewa to the world and we can’t forget. Each of them deserved an award, but 360hausa team will sure ly see what they can do in 2022. God bless Arewa.

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CC: SkylixMedia CEO Assisted in Writing This Article, Thanks.

360Hausa is a current Best Hausa Entertainment blog in Africa that specialized in providing you high quality content. 360Hausa was found and manage by Abubakar Yusuf Radda (B2 [D Promoter] Slayer). A Blogger, Ghost Writer & Content creator. Follow us on Social Media @360Hausa

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Shenseea Upcoming “Alpha” Album Gonna Be Historic Looking Over “Lick” Success



Shenseea Upcoming "Alpha" Album Gonna Be Historic Looking Over "Lick" Success

Shenseea Upcoming "Alpha" Album Gonna Be Historic Looking Over "Lick" Success

Shenseea Upcoming “AlphaAlbum Gonna Be Historic Looking Over “Lick” Success.

Although Shenseea has been steadily rising as a prominent pop and dancehall artist for the past few years, the end of 2021 and beginning of 2022 have been monumental for her. After Kanye West recruited her for two features on his August 2021 Donda album, Shenseea felt poised to takeover in the new year.

For the Jamaican singer, this run begins with “Lick,” her brand new single and sexual music video with Megan Thee Stallion which released on Friday (Jan. 21). On Saturday (Jan. 22), she started an Instagram Live to discuss how good she feels about how well the song has been received: “We made the news… I’m about to go pray… I was so happy, we’ve been trending for 25 hours. 2.1 million, almost 2.2 million and counting on YouTube. The streams are going crazy, I need y’all to continue streaming… I was working for two weeks prior to this release, and my team, I just want to thank y’all because y’all know how long I’ve waited just to get on these charts and I’m about to dominate.”

She continued by saying this song is a springboard for her coming into her upcoming album Alpha, named for her strong personality: “That’s why this moment is so big for me because it’s the start of what I’m going to do. I’m telling you. For the album that’s coming, that album is for everybody. I named the album ‘ALPHA’ because it resonates with my personality. I’ve always felt like the head of my household, and I run things, not things running me. Me leading, not me following people. People follow me. I lead. I am a leader. It means strength for me…To be an alpha is to be strong, to lead, to be dominant, and I’ve been dominating.”

Shenseea explained that Alpha will see her go beyond the dancehall genre she has occupied at the start of her career: “I told myself, ‘I’m going to do dancehall for five years.’ I’ve given myself to dancehall, I’ve given y’all hits upon hits upon hits upon hits for five years. I’m not leaving dancehall because I could never, but I have such a bigger dream for myself, ever since I was a child. I’m going to achieve it because, at the end of the day, it is my life. It is what I want and what I have always dreamt of.”

Check out the clips of Shenseea’s IG Live below.

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Kanye West Calls Out Paparazzi & Says He Wants A Cut Of Their Earnings



Kanye West Calls Out Paparazzi & Says He Wants A Cut Of Their Earnings

Kanye West Calls Out Paparazzi & Says He Wants A Cut Of Their Earnings

Kanye West Calls Out Paparazzi & Says He Wants A Cut Of Their Earnings.

Kanye West had a tense encounter with the paparazzi while leaving Miami, over the weekend. During a video published by TMZ, Ye says that he wants a cut of the earnings from the clip.

After clarifying that he prefers to be called, “Ye,” West explains that celebrities deserve to be paid a percentage of the earnings from videos taken of them by the paparazzi.

“I’m not saying it in a negative way,” West clarified. “I’m saying that it’s just like, right now, it’s really one-sided. You guys can follow us. You guys can stand outside the hotel at any given time. You don’t give us any percentage off of what you’re making off of us, off of our kids, and I’m gonna change that.”

Later, Julia Fox arrived and West joked with the Paparazzi about their car being towed. West and Fox have been dating since meeting in Miami over New Year’s.

The Uncut Gems star recently called out haters who have claimed that she is only interested in West for the clout.

“People are like ‘oh, you’re only in it for the fame, you’re in it for the clout, you’re in it for the money,'” she explained on her Forbidden Fruits podcast. “Honey, I’ve dated billionaires my entire adult life, let’s keep it real.”

Check out West’s run-in with the Paparazzi here.

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JAY-Z Appoints New Roc Nation Chief Operating Officer (COO)



JAY-Z Appoints New Roc Nation Chief Operating Officer (COO)

JAY-Z Appoints New Roc Nation Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Most Respected Rapper JAY-Z Appoints New Roc Nation Chief Operating Officer (COO).

As JAY-Z has continuously improved his business handlings with age and elevated to billionaire status, his Roc Nation agency has become more powerful and expansive. First founded as a music label, Roc Nation now serves as an agency for artists and athletes, as well as management for several other entertainment and fashion fields.

As business keeps booming, Roc Nation found it necessary to appoint a new Chief Operating Officer on Wednesday (Jan. 19). Brett Yorkman, who was already serving as co-CEO of Roc Nation Unified and President of Business Operations & Strategy for Roc Nation, received a promotion to COO. Yorkman will still serve in those two prior roles, and releases a statement thanking his superiors for the opportunity: “I am thrilled that JAY-Z, Desiree and the Roc Nation board have given me this opportunity and look forward to growing the company under their vision. Roc Nation is one of today’s most culturally rich, diverse and innovative companies. After the past two years working at Roc Nation, I have seen first hand that with determination and an entrepreneurial spirit, anything is possible.”

Desiree Perez, who Yorkman mentioned in his statement, was the previous COO for Roc Nation before she was promoted to CEO in 2019. The role was unfilled since then, but now Yorkman takes over as COO for the thriving company, as Perez felt he was the right man for the job: “There are few individuals that understand the essence of Roc Nation. Brett Yormark has proven to be a fearless leader and will be dynamic in the role of COO. His proven track record ensures that Roc Nation will be in a prime position to expand our business and influence in the years to come.”

Roc Nation has recently signed artists like Bobby Shmurda, A$AP Ferg and Reuban Vincent to expand their roster after losing Mariah Carey in June 2021.



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