Blueface is concerned about his son

Blueface Is Worried His Son With Chrisean Rock Will Get Molested Under Her Care

Blueface is concerned about his son

Blueface is concerned about his son. Blueface Is Worried His Son With Chrisean Rock Will Get Molested Under Her Care.

Blueface and Chrisean Rock are no longer together, however, they are still very much in the news right now. Overall, this is due to the fact that Rock just gave birth to their first child. Since the birth of their son, Blue has been nowhere to be seen. However, he has certainly made a ton of derogatory comments toward Chrisean. According to HipHopDX, he tweeted and deleted a rant last night in which he expressed his concerns about his child. As you will see, some of these concerns come with very serious implications.

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“Sad part about all this is she doesn’t know we care about the baby more then her at this point she so selfish shes only worried about what she wants to do instead of what’s best for the child 24hrs later literally I can’t believe y’all thought a kid would change anything,” Blueface had written. He subsequently threatened to file for custody. “If she don’t take my son serious an make that her main focus an priority for atleast 30days I will file for custody you’ve been warned. My kid not finna be molested and touched on like everybody in her family dead homys I don’t play them typa games.”

Blueface Speaks Out

The accusation that he believes someone will molest his child is extremely serious. It speaks to a complete lack of distrust between himself and Chrisean as a mother. Moreover, Blue was not done with his rant. He also spoke on just how many people have already held and touched his child over these last couple of days. “In the first 48 hrs the baby been held an touch by 20 different people every time I check my fone it’s a new person holding the baby,” he wrote. “Here hold my 1 day old baby while I work out ass bitch smh. Who gone watch the baby.”

It is crystal clear that this is a dysfunctional relationship behind repair. However, hopefully, these two can get on the same page for the sake of their baby. Let us know your thoughts on all of this, in the comments section below. Additionally, stay tuned to 360HAUSA for more news from the music world.


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