Brandleep, Africa’s Leading Media Advertising Firm, Secures Substantial Funding Through Private Equity Partnership

Brandleep, Africa’s Leading Media Advertising Firm, Secures Substantial Funding Through Private Equity Partnership.

Brandleep Ltd, one of Africa’s foremost media advertising companies, with a focus on Digital and Outdoor Advertising, has recently raised a substantial amount through a private equity partnership.

The funding will be utilised to drive eye-capture innovation in the outdoor advertising business, positioning Brandleep Ltd as an industry game-changer.

The eye detective technology is a new technology that would allow a digital LED screen to take a record of every individual who views or sees the ads regardless of their position of view. It can record from over 50 meters away from the Digital LED screen and record the duration of views. This was in line with the plan of the company to drive its business through cognitive real-time reporting and analytics rather than giving vague analytics at the end of each advertising campaign.

Speaking to the journalists earlier, MD/CEO of Brandleep Ltd, Oluwafolajimi David Oluwole, stated: “Prior to today, industry practitioners have always given estimated reporting based on the population of people around the LED billboard location without accuracy but with this Eye Detective Technology Censor (EDTC) that would be installed on all our screens, there will be no guessing anymore, the reporting will be accurate, informative and our clients can rest assured of the level of impact of all their advertising on their target market.”

Oluwole also said that he’s optimistic that the initiatives will drive the industry growth and encourage more practitioners to deploy this technology on all their billboards even though Brandleep Ltd may remain the pioneer of this technology in the Nigeria outdoor advertising market for a long time.

He explained that, “We believe our client will be more than happy to track the effectiveness of their outdoor advertising the same way they’re able to track the performance of their Digital Advertising on Google, Facebook, Instagram, X, and the rest.

“We are more than happy to be the driver of this innovation and believe this will be a new way forward in the outdoor business.”



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