Celestial Church Scraps Pasuma, Portable’s Appearances Amidst Public Backlash

Celestial Church Scraps Pasuma, Portable’s Appearances Amidst Public Backlash.

The Celestial Church of Christ International Headquarters in Ketu, Lagos State has swiftly responded to public outcry by ensuring the removal of Fuji singers Pasuma and Portable from an upcoming praise night event at one of its branches.

The controversy arose when a promotional flyer featuring Pasuma and Portable’s participation in the church’s praise night circulated widely on social media, triggering widespread criticism from users.

Shepherd-in-charge, Olatosho Oshoffa, took to social media to address the concerns. Following discussions with the overseeing clergyman of the parish hosting the event, Oshoffa confirmed that the contentious artists would no longer be part of the scheduled celebration.

In an official statement on his Facebook page, Oshoffa reassured the Celestians, stating, “Dear Celestians, I have just spoken to the Shepherd in Charge of the above Parish at length. He has promised to make amendments to the posters. He has promised that the said contested artists would NOT come for the Nights.”

The church leadership’s swift action aimed to rectify the situation, addressing the discontent among members and the public regarding the inclusion of the controversial artists in the praise night lineup. This proactive move signifies the church’s commitment to upholding its values and ensuring that the event aligns with its beliefs and principles.



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