Chrisean Rock Under Fire for Offensive Remarks on Palestine: What Did He Say?

Chrisean Rock Faces Heat for Palestine Comments: Issues Apology (or Doubles Down?). Chrisean Rock Under Fire for Offensive Remarks on Palestine: What Did He Say?

Chrisean Rock found herself in the midst of a controversy this morning thanks to some viral comments on the Israel and Palestine situation. Overall, she did not come across well in these comments at all. In fact, she was downright insulting throughout her livestream. At times, she said that the people of Palestine were being persecuted because they don’t praise Jesus Christ. Moreover, she had some not-so-tasteful remarks about how Muslims pray. “They don’t believe in Jesus,” Chrisean Rock said. “So that’s why it’s happening right there.”

“I seen videos where they pray at. It’s cockroaches and infested with … so, what is God trying to tell us?” she continued. “What is the message being the chaos. Yeah, we know war, the war. But things always happen for a reason and it’s happening […] That’s where Jesus was born at but it’s like a lot of people over there, they don’t pray to Jesus. They praying to Allah and they saying Jesus just was a prophet. So, I thought it had something to do with that.” Just a few hours ago, she decided to comment on the controversy.

Chrisean Rock Tries To Make Things Right

Chrisean Rock Tries To Make Things Right

Unfortunately, if you are someone who wanted to see an apology, you are not going to get one. On her Instagram story, Chrisean essentially said that she has nothing to apologize for. Instead, everyone was just talking about their beliefs, and that is it. However, her fans certainly beg to differ as the reality star has been called out all day for her remarks. “See the full live nobody saying anything out of pocket this just my preference on things I respect what ppl believe I just know what the word says,” Chrisean Rock said.

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