Doja Cat Shares Music Video For New Song “Demons”

The new video sees Doja leaning even further into demonic imagery.

Doja Cat Shares Music Video For New Song “Demons”

Doja Cat Shares Music Video For New Song “Demons”. Doja Cat has had an up-and-down week packed full of controversies. Firstly, she faced controversy after announcing her new single “Demons.” Despite the pretty obvious implications of the title, fans thought that the artwork was too demonic or satanic. Doja didn’t mince words when clapping back at fans that couldn’t take the cover. “Y’all so b*tchmade you probably couldn’t make it through an episode of ‘Goosebumps’, f*ckin p*ssies,” she said on her Instagram story.

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She also dealt with issues for another piece of artwork. She shared details of her new album Scarlet to social media including announcing the release date, September 22, and posting the album cover to Instagram. Some keen-eyed fans took notice of the fact that the album cover was eerie similar to one used by German metal band Chaver, and that the albums were set to be released on the same day. As it turns out the same artist made both album covers and Doja seemed fine letting Chaver have that one. She eventually deleted the original post and replaced it with a new album cover featuring a different spider.

Doja Cat Turns Into A Nightmare Demon

In the newly released video, Doja Cat herself plays a demon of sorts. She haunts the nightmares of actress Christina Ricci through a series of dark dreamy landscapes. While some fans have taken issue with imagery in the video once again, for the most part, Doja’s fans seem to appreciate it.

One thing that many pointed out about the song is how much it reminds them of one artist in particular. Doja Cat’s unconventional flows and hilarious background adlibs immediately reminded fans of the eccentricities of Baby Keem. The comparison is so strong that some even wondered if Keem himself had his hand in the song. Though a check of the track’s credits doesn’t include him he clearly influenced the sound and direction of the track. What do you think of the new music video for Doja Cat’s “Demons”? Let us know in the comment section below.

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