DomiNque Perry Denies Keke Palmer Shade, Sarunas Jackson Seeks Joint Custody Of Their Daughter

DomiNque Perry Denies Keke Palmer Shade, Sarunas Jackson Seeks Joint Custody Of Their Daughter. DomiNque Perry has taken to social media, clarifying a post she made following Keke Palmer’s abuse allegations against Darius Jackson.

The Insecure actress, and mother of Sarunas Jackson’s daughter Zen, shared a meme of Michael Jackson eagerly eating popcorn. Some social media users perceived the post as shade towards Palmer, as it seemingly made light of the disturbing accusations. Perry made it clear that this was not her intention, revealing she was trying to “laugh to keep from crying.”

She shared a lengthy statement on the matter on her Instagram Story. Her post describes how she would never intentionally laugh in the faces of domestic violence victims. “I would never laugh at ANYONE that is subject to domestic abuse female or male,” she wrote. “As it’s known abuse comes in different definitions, silent and physical. Only the people enduring such behavior truly understand the effect. Women have been manipulated, abused, lied on for centuries, and put their head down for the fear of not being believed. We need to stop being afraid.”

DomiNque Perry Clarifies Her Post

Perry continued, citing her own alleged experiences with domestic abuse. “I may not be at the highest platform in my career just yet to be heard and/or supported by the public, but whenever that time comes, everyone will listen,” she wrote. Following her message, it came out that Sarunas is currently fighting to have their daughter stay in California, despite Perry having raised her in Texas since she was born. Perry wants the case to get dismissed, claiming that Sarunas’ visitation of the child is “dependent on when he expresses a desire to see her.”

She also says that “despite the emotional volatility and intimidation that [Sarunas] has directed towards” her, she’s continued “fostering a positive co-parenting relationship with [Sarunas] because [she knows] that is in Zen’s best interest.” All of this also follows Keke Palmer’s mother speaking out against Sarunas. Sharon Palmer alleges that he was well-aware that his brother was abusive.

DomiNque Perry & Sarunas Jackson’s Custody Battle

What do you think of DomiNque Perry’s explanation for her post amid Keke Palmer’s allegations against Darius Jackson? How about her custody battle with Sarunas Jackson? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below, and keep an eye on 360Hausa for more updates.

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