Ent. ARTICLE: Hausa Music Industry in Northern Nigeria – Hausa Hip Hop Music in Arewa

Ent. ARTICLE: Hausa Music Industry in Northern Nigeria - Hausa Hip Hop Music in Arewa
Ent. ARTICLE: Hausa Music Industry in Northern Nigeria – Hausa Hip Hop Music in Arewa

The Hausa are one of the largest ethnic groups in Nigeria, and in many West and Central African countries. Their folk music has played an important part in the development of Nigerian music, contributing such elements as the drum, fiddle, and lutes.There are two broad categories of traditional Hausa music : Rural folk music and Urban court music.They introduced the African pop culture genre that is still popular today that includes Hausa Hip Hop and other versions.

I would make emphasis on Hausa Hip Hop as it’s recently attached to Hausa music industry for not more two(2) decades. In northern Nigeria, the Upcoming/Hausa Hip Hop artists often code mixing their tunes. Those whom pioneer Hausa Hip Hop culture are now less active due to negligence as a result of lack of sponsor, though religion has always been the major influence in the region. Today, the Arewa Artists imitate the Hip Hop via song, lyrics, day to day activities, and as well mode of dressing. At first it was discouraged by elderly men as it is going to affect our preserve norms and values but it’s now adopted indirectly in northern Nigeria. The Hip Hop raps and songs now goes all over the street, with chanting accolades onto Oneself i.e “I’m the best or the best”.

There a lots of challenges in the Hausa Hip Hop industry that makes it to be slowly progressing, despite the fact we are populous within the nation, It has what it takes to make someone famous in the globe provided they have the talent but it’s unfortunate we lack cooperation. Everyone is a king and no two king rules a kingdom. The renowned and famous Artists should render help and assist the upcoming Ones. Kudos to the bloggers, there are doing a job well done in promotion and advancement of talented persons profile. For improvement in the industry bloggers, young creative/talented minds and Artists need to reciprocate to assist in terms of promoting projects, works, etc. Cooperation is of high paramount when it comes to any movement for better developments. More of views coming soon. May God help us.


Written By:  Muhammad Tasiu Ahmed. (Student Also a Writer)

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