Ent. NEWS: Dj AB Guide us well – Lil Prince of YNS Disclosed

Lil Prince YNS DJ Abba

His Royal Highness (Lil Prince)

His Royal Highness of Yaran North side popularly known as Lil Prince (Alhaji) Disclosed unanticipated information in his recent tweet.

Lil Prince said ” Check all my singles and featured tracks.. All Na straight hits I swear. DJ AB dey Guide us well jooo”.

Lil Prince tweet DJ ab

This tweet took two divergent meaning. Number one is Lil Prince want to assure the World he is hit maker and if you’re doubting you can check all his singles and featured tracks, Second and last, is Dj is playing his role as they always call him ‘Babban Yaya’ Meaning Big Brother.



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