Ent. NEWS: Don R (Arewa Finext) and Correct Babynus are suspected to be dating

Don R correct Babynus FM Kano
Don R & Correct Babynus

Kano Most trending Musician known as ‘Don R’ A.K.A Arewa Finext and producer of the YouTube series titled ‘ Hidden Tori with Correct  Babynus‘ were suspected to be dating. Don R and Correct Babynus recently posted similar pictures on their official Instagram, Facebook & Twitter pages.

Don R Arewa Finext mp3 Correct Babynus FM Kano

Correct Babynus Hidden Tori

These pictures make many people dropped different comments with their different views and opinions, Some said it’s a pre-wedding pictures and some said it’s signal of date. These comments pushed us to point of contacting them and clear the doubt of the public.

After a usual greetings on Instagram between 360hausa and Correct Babynus(A Radio presenter), we continued with Questioning her;

360Hausa: Your recent Post make people suspected you and Musician Don R (Arewa Finext) were dating..

What’s the truth about this matter, please ?

Correct Babynus: They have been suspecting since we signed the Artist Management Deal, that’s long before now. They actually felt the pictures we posted was like confirmation that we were dating. Some even felt it’s a pre wedding photo.

But the truth is we aren’t DATING now.

360hausa: Thanks For your Response…

#360Hausa We’ll get back to You when needed…

Correct Babynus InstagramCorrect Babynus FM Kano

Conclusively, we now released Correct Babynus is just a Manager of Don R (Arewa Finext) and Nothing More but managing his Music Career. And the pictures were just a teaser to his trending song ‘Let Them Say’ and his E.P ‘MOOD EP’.

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  1. I am so sure they have been thinking that we are really dating… I guess they should know by now! We only snap pictures for the TV interview that we went for, which they needed our pictures for it. #LetThemSay #MoodTheEp


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