EXCLUSIVE: How Do We Encourage A Good Quality Of Life In Africa ?

EXCLUSIVE: How Do We Encourage A Good Quality Of Life In Africa ?
EXCLUSIVE: How Do We Encourage A Good Quality Of Life In Africa ?

 Best Ways To Encourage A Good Quality Of Life In Africa, Here are The Best Ways To Improve Africa.

How Do We Encourage A Good Quality Of Life In Africa? Of course the answer is here in this article. In short, Africa is the second largest and most populous continent in the world.

To Encourage Good Quality Of Life In Africa is indeed and a great Idea. Because, in every place where there is high number of people living, there is always need for improving there quality of life.

Unfortunately, The quality of life in Africa is below average. Also, to help africa get back in the right track there is need for good governance.

Basically, Africans are suppose to have a good and standard quality of living. The reason is simply because africa is rich enough to manage and control the quality of people in the continent.

Generally, Access to services is an essential to improving quality of life. And, this access to services must be ensured in Africa before things get back in track.

Let’s have an insight on few examples of Access to services;

How To Improve Quality Of Life In Africa

Quickly, Let see the list as follows:

  • Better Health
  • Education
  • Water and Sanitation Services.

The above services are the key to creating a healthy and educational environment that is ready to take advantage of work and business opportunities.

Before we move, let’s briefly have an idea in each of the above services to improve standards of living in Africa….

How To Improve Better Health In Africa

Health is a state of being free from illness or injury. To improve health standard in Africa government and NGO’s are responsible for this service.

Basically, Let’s see the role of government in improving Health Standard

Roles Of Government In Improving Health Standard

The list below gives a little insight on the roles of government to health standard:

  • Purchase Health Care
  • Provide health care
  • Ensure Access to quality care for vulnerable populations
  • Regulate health care market
  • Monitor Health Care Quality
  • Inform Health Care decision makers
  • Support acquisition of new knowledge

The above roles must be ensured for better health standard in Africa. Read more here

How To Encourage Good Quality Of Education In Africa

Education is a critical component which contributes extensively in the human development indices.

It is one of the most important ways to attain the goal of sustainable global development.

To improve or attain the goal of good quality of education, continue reading…

Roles Of Government To Attain The Goal Of Quality Education In Africa

Things to be done for better Education In Africa:

  • Funding
  • Regulate and inspect educational activities
  • Provision of basic infrastructures
  • Monitoring of welfare and retraining the teachers
  • Provision of security

In summary, quality of good education should be improved considering the above roles.

How To Encourage Better Water and Sanitation Services

Sanitation simy means conditions relating to public health. especially, the provision of clean drinking water and adequate sewage disposal.

Government should take care of all this for better life of the people living in a particular area.

Finally, this article is for educational and awareness promotion. In summary, We have seen all the roles and how to ensure standard quality of living in Africa. Primary Source (Africanblog)

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