Federal Fire Service Salary, Ranks And Allowance

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Federal fire service is an agency in Nigeria which is tasked with bringing professional development for the fire and rescue services in the Country. This simply means that this agency is responsible for rescue fire prevention, mitigation, fire fighting as well as paramedical and information services and also protecting life and property in the event of fires in their area.

They are one of the best paid agency in Nigeria. Apart from that, they are also one of the best fire fighters on the world. In this post, we will be looking at the fire service salary, ranks and the allowance which they are entitled to.

The Federal fire service Salary is classified according to ranks and years of experience in the system like some of the Paramilitary organizations we have written about their ranks.

Example is the Nigeria Customs Ranks and the Nigerian Immigration ranks. Also the salary is also based on qualification because there is a rank for every qualification and there is also salary for each rank. So before we talk about the Federal fire service salary, let’s first look at their ranks.

Federal Fire Service Ranks

The fire service ranks is classified according to qualification, Those who joined the fire service with SSCE certificate are given the rank of Fire Marshall Assistant III while those that joined the fire service with National diploma or NCE are given the rank of Senior Fire Marshall Assistant.

Those that are graduates that joined the fire service with BSC or HND are given the rank of Marshall Inspectors III.

Below is the complete ranks of the Fire service starting from Senior to Junior.

    • Chief Inspector
    • Deputy Chief
    • Assistant Chief Inspectors
    • Principal marshal
    • Senior Marshal Inspectors
    • Marshal Inspectors I
    • Marshal Inspectors II
    • Marshal Inspectors III
    • Chief Fire Marshal Assistants
    • Deputy Fire Marshal Assistants
    • Senior Fire Marshal Assistants
    • Fire Marshal Assistants I
    • Fire Marshal Assistants II
    • Fire Marshal Assistants III


Federal Fire Service Salary

    • SSCE certificate (Level 03 And Level 04) are paid about N70,577 as their monthly salary
    • National diploma or NCE (Level 06 And Level 07) are paid about N120,427 as their starting Monthly salary.
  • BSc or HND (Level 08) are paid about N230,447 as their starting Monthly salary.

Below is the complete salary of the Federal fire service in Nigeria.

 1. Chief Inspectors are paid N1,405,497.
2. Deputy Chief Inspectors are paid N1,225,237.
3. Assistant Chief Inspectors are paid N1,152,037.
4. Principal marshal Inspectors are paid N943,537.
5. Senior Marshal Inspectors are paid N758,417.
6. Marshal Inspectors I are paid N350,847.
7. Marshal Inspectors II are paid N280,387
8. Marshal Inspectors III are paid N230,447.
9. Chief Fire Marshal Assistants are paid N200,767.
0. Deputy Fire Marshal Assistants are paid N180,047.
1. Senior Fire Marshal Assistants are paid N120,427.
2. Fire Marshal Assistants I are paid N100,587.
3. Fire Marshal Assistants II are paid N85,747.
4. Fire Marshal Assistants III are paid N70,577.

Please note that the FFS salary on each rank may not be the same because, a fire service officer who is with a rank for the period of 3 years won’t be paid the same salary with the one who is just elevated to the same rank.

Also note that the salary mentioned above is approximately calculated and there may be little changes in the actual amount those officers are being paid.

Fire Service Training Allowance

The fire service training allowance paid to their recruits who are under training is about N15,000 – N45,000 monthly and it all depends on your qualification. The SSCE certificate holders receive the least training allowance while the BSC and HND certificate holders receive the highest.

Federal Fire Service Allowance

Apart from the training allowance that is paid to the fire service Officers, they are also entitled to some other allowances which in return boast their monthly income.

Those allowance includes

1. Hazard Allowance (Risk Allowance).
2. Rent Allowance.
3. Medical Allowance.
4. Transport Allowance.
5. Uniform Allowance.

There may be other allowances which are not known to us but once they are discovered, this post will be updated immediately.

Please note that the fire fighters salary in Nigeria may change at any time but be rest assured that this is a place you will get the update about the Federal fire fighters salary in Nigeria as this post will be immediately updated once there is any change.

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