Floyd Mayweather’s Life story is an inspiring one

Floyd Mayweather’s Life story is an inspiring one

Great Boxer Floyd Mayweather’s Life story is an inspiring one.

Floyd Mayweather is easily one of the greatest boxers of all time. He has a professional record of 50-0 which is something that will be hard to beat. With that being said, Mayweather is the perfect person to get his very own docuseries. He has a unique story to tell, and millions of fans will be interested to hear it.

In fact, Mayweather is getting his own docuseries, according to Variety. This new series will be called The GOAT and it will be produced by Deon Taylor and Roxanne Avent Taylor. The series is currently in production, and it will feature footage that Mayweather has had in the vault for years.

“Now is the perfect time to share my story with the world and let viewers in on my journey from early days of hardships to overcoming adversity to become the athlete and entrepreneur I am today,” Mayweather told Variety. “As someone who owns his own brand, I can’t think of better partners than Deon, Roxanne, Robert F. Smith — the wealthiest African American in the world — and Hidden Empire Films, a prolific Black-owned production company. This is going to be incredibly special!”.

There is no telling when this series will be released to the masses, so stay tuned to 360Hausa for all of the latest news and updates.


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