Gucci Mane Hits Back At Joe Budden Over Label Signings

Gucci defended himself against some of the critiques of his management. Gucci Mane Hits Back At Joe Budden Over Label Signings. 

Like many prominent and influential rappers, Gucci Mane has his own label implant. In his case that’s 1017 a platform he’s used to sign a number of unconventional rap figures. That hasn’t exactly gone well for Gucci as his artists have repeatedly ended up in trouble for one reason or another. Whether that’s being dropped by the label entirely, ending up behind bars, or in one case even being murdered, it’s been a bit of a rough ride for 1017. That was what Joe Budden focused on when he criticized the label earlier this year. He took issue with the methodology they used to sign new artists.

Now, Gucci Mane himself is responding to that criticism. He was asked about it during an interview with The Morning Hustle where he dismissed the critiques. “I think that’s unfair, y’know what I’m saying, for him to say that, but I guess he’s entitled to his opinion. But to me, who else gon’ give them a chance, y’know what I’m saying? Like, I’m not tryin’ to sign the guys who don’t need no help; I’m signing the guys who don’t nobody wanna sign. Who saying like, ‘Ooh, you got a criminal record, we gon’ stay away from you’ — them the guys I’m giving a chance,” Gucci explained. Check out his entire response to the question below.

Gucci Mane Explains His Label Tactics


Gucci Mane is fresh off the release of his new album Breath Of Fresh Air last week. The double album is a massive 24-track experience that features a number of high-profile contributors. Lil Baby, J. Cole, DaBaby, 21 Savage, Kodak Black, and many more make appearances on the project.

The city of Atlanta also joined in on the celebration of Gucci’s new album. Last week the day the project was released, October 17, was also made a city-wide holiday. The state officially declared it Gucci Mane Day, which was unsurprisingly met with plenty of jokes by fans. What do you think of Gucci Mane’s response to Joe Budden’s critiques of his label work? Let us know in the comment section below.

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