How Much is Sisqo Net Worth in 2024?

Uncover Sisqo’s net worth, examining his career, awards, controversies, and more. How Much is Sisqo Net Worth in 2024? 

Sisqo Net Worth in 2024

Sisqo, whose full name is Mark Andrews, was born on November 9, 1 1974, in Baltimore, Maryland. Throughout his career, he has dabbled in various musical genres, including R&B, hip hop, and pop. He is best known for his time as the lead singer of the popular 90s group Dru Hill, but has also had a successful solo career. His biggest solo hit, “Thong Song,” was released in 1999 and topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The song was a massive commercial success, and helped propel Sisqo to superstardom.

Sisqo’s net worth is estimated to be around $6 million in 2024 according to Celebrity Net Worth. Here’s a potential breakdown of his wealth:

  • Music career: His earnings likely include album sales, touring revenue, streaming royalties, and songwriting credits. His work with Dru Hill also likely contributes to this.
  • Acting: Sisqo has appeared in a handful of movies and television shows, which would have added to his net worth. Some of his credits include “Get Over It” (2000) and “Snow Dogs” (2002).
  • Business ventures: There may be other ventures that contribute to Sisqo’s wealth, such as endorsements, investments, or merchandise sales.

It’s important to note that this is just a speculation, and the exact sources of Sisqo’s wealth are not publicly known.

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