How to Write a Good CV for Fresh Graduates (with sample)

How to Write a Good CV for Fresh Graduates (with sample)

How to Write a Good CV for Fresh Graduates (with sample). A Curriculum Vitae (CV) is a document containing relevant information about a job seeker, which is crucial for getting a job. When writing a CV for fresh graduates, there are rules that ought to be strictly followed. So, here we will give you guideline on how to write a good CV for fresh graduates.

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Before we show you how to write fresh graduates CV. Let’s first understand what we mean by ‘fresh graduate’. A fresh graduate is someone that has recently graduated from tertiary institution. They usually have little or no work experience, which is why they are placed at entry-level positions or apprenticeships.

How to write a good CV for fresh graduates Below is how to write fresh graduates CV;

1. Make it short and interesting

When writing a CV for fresh graduates, make it a page, or not more than two pages. Employers usually receive many CVs, and they might not have time for your lengthy CV. See should a CV be one page or two page? for details. Also avoid using CV cliches like ‘motivated’, ‘great team player’, ‘hard worker’, etc. They make your CV less interesting.

2. Organize your CV

Your CV should be divided in such a way that it should have headings and sub-headings. Avoid long paragraphs when talking about your skills, achievements, academic qualifications, and so on. Use bullet points, so the employer can easily see what they needs to see.

3. Design your CV

This is where a lot of people get it wrong. The text font size should be ’12’ points. If your CV is to be sent to employer through electronic (PDF), use a standard font such as ‘Arial’. But if it is to be printed, use ‘Verdana’ or ‘Times New Roman’. See how to convert your CV from Microsoft Word to PDF.

4. Prioritize

If you don’t have any work experience, start with your education qualifications. Start listing your education qualifications starting from the most recent. Furthermore, ensure you add your strengths and achievements at the beginning of your CV. Show the most important parts at the beginning.

5. Watch your language

CV ought to be clear and grammatically correct. Use simple words to write your CV. Don’t use big grammars.

6. Make it easy to connect

Ensure you add your phone number and email address. Use only one email address, but you can drop several numbers. Ensure you not add contact that is not active. i.e it is better to add only one phone number than to add two in which one is not active. Use only professional e-mail address (your name and surname). Example; [email protected].

7. Work experience

If you do not have work experience, don’t add the subheading at all. But if you have work experience, write it as a list, starting from the most recent.

8. Knowledge of industry

Research about the company and include your knowledge in the cover letter and mention what can you do to help the company.

9. Other information

Don’t write about your pets, family history, and so on. Write about your hobby and mention if you demonstrated leadership skills. You can also write that you have a driving license, if it relate to your job.

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