“I Am Rich Never Been Ugly” Kodak Black Responds To People Calling Him Ugly

"I Am Rich Never Been Ugly" Kodak Black Responds To People Calling Him Ugly

US Rapper Kodak Black Responds To People Calling Him Ugly, As He Stated “I Ain’t Never Been Ugly, And I’m Rich As F*ck”.

Kodak Black, 24 year old Florida native, gets comments on his looks often. His hairstyle is unique to the area of Florida he originates from, so the fact that it isn’t widely seen or commonplace might play a role in this. The comments don’t phase or bother him though, and he spoke about it in a few simple sentences on his Instagram story.

“A n***a handsome as sh*it. Even though I’m from the ugly corner 1800 Block.” said the “Super Gremlin” rapper. As previously mentioned, this is an area in Florida and his overall style and demeanor is representative of it. Kodak Black frequently speaks about his old neighborhood in his music. He continued to say “Y’all stop playing with me, man. Sometimes people in The Shade Room comments try to play me like I’m ugly or something. I ain’t never been ugly, and I’m rich as f**k.”

Regardless of differing opinions on his looks, the “rich” part of his statement is undeniable. Throughout the duration of the brief Instagram clip, Kodak flashed his grill, watches, chains, and bracelets a multitude of times. With the recent success of his albums and his wildly popular track “Super Gremlin,” which went platinum in 2 months’ time, his finances are surely set for the future. He even flaunted a Maybach to celebrate the success of the aforementioned track.

Maybe taking the time to speak on the subject means that the comments bother him, or maybe he just wanted to flex on how much he doesn’t care. Either way, he’ll still be making money and showing off his diamonds every chance he gets.

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