I Will Be Your Leader Once You Join APC, Ganduje Tells Kwankwaso

I Will Be Your Leader Once You Join APC, Ganduje Tells Kwankwaso

The National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Abdullahi Umar Ganduje, has reminded all and sundry especially the leader of the Kwankwasiyya movement, Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso that once they defect to the APC, then he becomes their leader.

Ganduje, who spoke in a viral audio clip, stressed that when it comes to APC, he remains the number one person who matters the most.

He said, “If you are talking about APC we are the leaders of APC. Not in local government, not in state, not zones but national as a whole.

“If you are an APC membership card holder, you are subordinate and follower of the national leader. Same thing with leaders in ward, state and zonal levels.

“If you defect to APC today, you are our subordinate and follower. It is important for you to note this; a child of the household and a stranger are all under the care of the head of the house.”

Ganduje, who was speaking to the teeming supporters of the APC in Kano called on them not to panic or exercise any fear about someone coming to join them in the party.

He added, “Don’t be afraid if someone came to your house to get one thing or the other. For you to go to his house looking for anything and for him to come to your house which one do you prefer?

“One who has what to offer is the one who welcomes others. One that doesn’t have anything to offer is the one looking for where to enter. Lend me your ears I want to tell you a story. What is the work of the national chairman of the APC? Is it in Kano State alone? 36 states and Abuja wherever I go I am the King, I am the Sheikh, I am the Modibbo, I am the Alanguburo. So, same thing here at home, we are calling on the NNPP to pack those their perishable fruits where it will be preserved in a fridge so that it will not get spoiled or rotten.

“We are calling on them to come back to APC. Is that a crime? One that has something is the one to beg, one that has something is the one who gives so we are begging then to measure and see, leading this country in their party is not going to be possible. So if is something to be proud of for us when we call on them.

“Like I told you people, whoever you are and your status in the party even if you are ‘Jagora’ (leader) once you come to APC then your grandfather is here!”

Daily Trust reports that Kwankwaso, the leader of the NNPP, is colloquially called Jagora by Kwankwasiyya adherents in Kano and other parts of the country.

Ganduje, who has been in Kano since late Thursday evening, had been engaging with the party stakeholders and supporters across the state.

He had, after a stakeholders’ meeting, extended a hand of fellowship to Kano State Governor, Abba Kabir Yusuf, and others to join the APC.

However, the governor had rejected the call, saying that it did not follow a formal channel of communication. (Daily trust)


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