Is Celebrating Birthday (Haram) Forbidden In Islam?

Is Celebrating Birthday (Haram) Forbidden In Islam?

Is Celebrating Birthday (Haram) Forbidden In Islam?

I am aware that there are some group of Muslims who says that celebrating birthday is haram but as far as I am concerned I don’t know of any Quranic verse or any authentic Hadith which says celebrating birthdays is haram so it’s clear now that celebrating birthdays is not haram but most of the birthdays celebrated becomes haram for other reasons. For example, television is not haram but because more than 95% or 99 % what comes on the satellite is haram, therefore, i say its better to avoid it.
We all know that most of the birthdays which is celebrated as a festival are haram, for example, the birthdays of Non-Muslim Gods because this leads to idol worship. We have to only worship Allah and if you are celebrating a birthday to revere that particular person it leads to idol worship so that is the reason I say celebrating the birthdays of celebrities to commemorate them directly or indirectly leads to idol worship. It may be directly like celebrating the birthday of Jesus (PBUH), we love Jesus (PBUH), we respect him so the moment you start celebrating you start making a God out of him which is totally prohibited. Its a biggest sin in Islam.

One may ask what about the celebrating birthday of an individual as a worldly affair and there are some Muslims who says its haram which I don’t agree because it comes in worldly affairs but when we start celebrating there is a high chance of music involved and dancing. Its not haram but remember it leads to haram but as a general, you cannot say that its haram to celebrate a birthday of my children but you can avoid it. If you don’t do it is the best why because when you have a birthday, you may have music, you may have dancing.
We as a Muslim should present the true picture of Islam. Remember it’s not haram but it leads to haram so that is why it’s better to avoid.

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