Jadakiss Recalls Suge Knight’s Random Offer To Sign The LOX

Jadakiss Recalls Suge Knight's Random Offer To Sign The LOX

Jadakiss Recalls Suge Knight’s Random Offer To Sign The LOX.

The LOX could’ve been signed to Death Row at one point, according to Jadakiss. The heavyweight MC recently sat down with the Personal Party Podcast where he recalled a phone call that Sheek Louch received from Suge Knight out of the blue. The Death Row boss expressed interest in inking a deal with the New York trio.

“One day we in Louch living room, Suge just calls Louch crib,” he says, revealing that he still has no idea how Suge got the number. “By then I’m thinking, they got the turmoil so he on his heels with whatever he’s about to sign. I guess he wanted to steal us or he heard we were about to sign and he wanted to offer us more. He’s like, ‘I want y’all to come to L.A. tonight. Y’all gon’ get on the red eye, y’all could come with however many people you want. Everything will be handled.'”

Jadakiss said that they told Suge they would get back to him shortly. “We hung up, we’re like, ‘Oh shit… This shit is crazy,'” he continued. “We thought about it heavily, like nah. We rep the Apple. We’ll never be able to come back here if we do that. It crossed n***as minds for about six minutes and then we were like, nah.”

Jadakiss explained that they thought about the long-term effects of signing a deal with Suge Knight as he was feuding with Bad Boy. He explained that the love from New York would be minimal if that was the case.

Check the full episode below.


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