Jamie Foxx Reflects On Powerful BLM Impact Amid Kanye West Drama

Jamie Foxx Reflects On Powerful BLM Impact Amid Kanye West Drama

Jamie Foxx Reflects On Powerful BLM Impact Amid Kanye West Drama.

It’s only Tuesday (October 4) and this week is already kicking off with a bang. Last night, fans were keenly focused on Twitter after Cardi B and JT erupted in a scathing back and forth. The ladies turned the spat into disses about career statuses, and before anyone knew, the “Up” rapper’s sister joined the fray. Although that verbal chaos left some fans disheartened with the growing beef among women in Hip Hop, nothing could prepare the masses for Kanye West.

The big news on the block was West wearing and showcasing a “White Lives Matter” shirt and featuring the design in his YZYSZN9 reveal. He was also spotted with friend Candace Owens who was wearing a similar top.

The reactions regarding this look have been a mixed bag, but Black Lives Matter activists—including entertainers—have come forward to reject West’s take. Ye has defended the look and the political ideology, cementing on social media that he believes Black Lives Matter is a scam. Meanwhile, one of his most famed collaborators, Jamie Foxx, took to his Instagram account to pen an impassioned statement about his support of Black Lives Matter while reminiscing on the movement that was inspired by political violence.

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“I’m sitting here reflecting on the moment when George Floyd was killed… I remember how the whole entire world was affected by this senseless brutal murder that was captured on film,” wrote Foxx. “I remember how we all felt…no matter what color you were… that This was the worst display of human behavior.”

He reflected on the response of tens of thousands of people joining together to speak against police brutality.

“Couldn’t believe what I was seeing… more than 30,000 mostly white kids… Young… chanting, Black Lives Matter… from a person who’s gone to protest all the way back to Rodney king… I was filled with emotions to see this… #hope,” he continued, adding that he brought his children to protests to have them by his side.

He ended his message by saying that the “narrative of Black Lives Matter” has been “twisted” and “taken advantage of,” but he encouraged supporters to stay the course, regardless of what headlines they see in the media.

Read through the post in its entirety below.


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