JPEGMAFIA Drops New Music Update for 2024: Album Coming, But No Rush

JPEGMAFIA New Album for 2024 Arriving Soon. Yes, JPEGMAFIA Drops New Music Update for 2024: Album Coming, But No Rush.

The Baltimore creative just dropped what we thought was the best hip-hop album of 2023, and we can’t wait to see what’s next.

JPEGMAFIA started off the new year with a message to his loyal fans, who couldn’t be happier with his output in 2023. Moreover, his Danny Brown collab project SCARING THE H*ES is, for our money, the best rap album of last year, and they even dropped an expansion pack to add even more amazing songs to it. However, some fans expressed disappointment throughout the year when it appeared the Baltimore creative wouldn’t drop his other album that he promised fans in 2023. On Monday (January 1), he took to Twitter to explain to fans what happened, and to thank them for their patience that he looks forward to rewarding soon.

“Took a break for the holidays,” JPEGMAFIA’s Notes app message to fans began, which the “black enuff” lyricist apparently started writing half an hour before the clock struck midnight into 2024. “I’m finishing the album I was supposed to release this year. My plan actual plan for this album was to release it on January 1st. I was going to say nothing, and then do a fake apology on the 31st, and then surprise drop on the 1st today. But I always rush to finish things.

JPEGMAFIA Promises His New Album Is Coming In 2024

“I apologize to my fans i promised an album to this year, the album will be out 2024,” JPEGMAFIA continued. “I just have to keep working, to make it as best as possible for you. Happy holidays. To all the people in my life I love and that love me. & happy new year to all, even my enemies and their ugly a** kids and families. I will see you all next year.” What’s more is that the Black Ben Carson also reflected on his career history this year. For example, he re-released his 2013 mixtape The Ghost Pop Tape in its original version, plus a remastered edition.

Meanwhile, with the 34-year-old producing for various amazing artists, such as a recent credit on Armand Hammer’s new album, hopefully he keeps collaborating with other artists. He basically turns any song into his own whether he’s on the mic or behind the board, and seeing these fusions is always a thrill. Here’s to another top-tier and boundary-pushing album from Barrington Hendricks in 2024. For more news and the latest updates on JPEGMAFIA, stay posted on 360hausa.


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