Latto Checks TikTok User Who Says She Had An “Attitude” During Concert

Latto Checks TikTok User Who Says She Had An “Attitude” During Concert

Latto Checks TikTok User Who Says She Had An “Attitude” During Concert.

A recent show in Philadelphia has caused Latto to go at it with a fan. Not every live performance is going to be executed to perfection, and judging by a viral video over on TikTok, Latto experienced this when she performed in the City of Brotherly Love.

The social media user uploaded a video that showed several highlights of the performance. “Latto’s attitude sucked. She seemed annoyed. I hope she gives/ gave your city a better performance because she ain’t give a fck in Philly,” the person penned over the clip.

The video went on to show various moments when it seemed as if Latto was perturbed or having issues with her DJ. The person added, “She sticks the cane in his face and is yelling at him.”

They speculated as to what the issue may have been, but after catching wind of the public complaint, Latto jumped in the comment section to add her two cents.

“My attitude w the crowd was fine! If u spent 200k on production to not sound right in ur ears so that u could perform ur best you’d be mad too,” she added. “But being the professional I am, I still gave it my all! This is weird smh. To attack my work ethic/character over a technical error u known nun about.”

“What u see WASNT a disagreement it was me & my DJ yelling OVER THE MUSIC to hear each other & figure out why I couldn’t hear myself! LOUD & WRONG!” wrote the rapper. She went on to chastise the user for focusing on the negative.

Check it out below.



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