Live Longer: Surprising Ways Your Environment Impacts Lifespan

Live Longer: Surprising Ways Your Environment Impacts Lifespan.

A recent government statistics revealed that people who live in Hart, Hampshire, and Kensington and Chelsea, London, have the highest life expectancies in the United Kingdom, as they outlive people who live in places with the lowest performance.

For instance, male life expectancy in Hart, which is 83.7 years, is 10.3 years longer than in Blackpool, which is rated lowest at 73.4 years, according to data from the Office of National Statistics (ONS).

The age difference for women is 7.5 years between Blaenau Gwent, which ranks lowest, and Kensington & Chelsea, which is rated at 86.3 years.

The report by The Actuary revealed that the South of England was home to nine out of 10 local areas with the greatest male life expectancies and all ten local areas with the highest female life expectancies.

Just Group communications director, Stephen Lowe, said the figures show “the importance on our health of the communities and socio-economic circumstances of where people grow up and live, from education and housing through to working conditions.”

Separate ONS figures showed that the number of people aged 85 and above is expected to grow to 2.6 million by mid-2036 – a rise of one million on previous government estimates.

The ONS also projects that the UK population will reach 73.7 million by mid-2036 – a rise of about 6.6 million, or 9.9%, from the 67 million estimated in mid-2021. Around 6.1 million of this increase is projected to come from long-term international net migration, with the remainder due to a higher number of births than deaths.



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