Lizzo’s Journey to Self-Love & New Music

Lizzo Reveals Her Struggles with Trust Issues & Self-Acceptance

Lizzo Reveals Her Struggles with Trust Issues & Self-Acceptance. Lizzo’s Journey to Self-Love & New Music is Something to digest.

This is the most that the singer’s spoken on her harassment lawsuit, whether directly or indirectly, in some time.

Lizzo has remained relatively quiet since the harassment lawsuit filed against her by two former dancers surfaced earlier this year. While she has maintained an active presence on social media and at public events, she has offered little insight into her thoughts and feelings regarding the allegations. However, in a recent Instagram post on Thursday, November 16, the singer shed some light on her current state of mind. While not directly addressing the lawsuit, her words carry an underlying weight of the ordeal. Amidst this legal battle, Lizzo appears to be engaging in a deeper introspection.

“Hi,” Lizzo simply started off a caption for a mirror selfie, in which she tagged her shape wear brand Yitty. “I’m working.. on music, myself, relationships with people and food, my anxiety, my body, my business, and my trust issues with the world. But they are deep now, deeper than they’ve ever been. Xoxo.” This comes after relatively innocuous social media activity, such as showing off her Halloween costumes.

Lizzo’s New Instagram Post

In addition, this statement also arrives as more public figures and Lizzo’s own team contributes to the narrative around her treatment of her former dancers. Some believe these women, whereas others firmly stand by her or, at least, acknowledge that this is getting her a lot of negative press that people love to gobble up. For example, Keke Palmer recently spoke on the 35-year-old’s position, explaining that people either want to see celebrities as infallible heroes or as institutions to fight against or de-platform. For Palmer and many others, though, she sits in the middle zone of that, which shouldn’t warrant such blind vitriol from either side.

Meanwhile, this case could still turn around and become a settlement, and this is definitely something that everyone can learn from. As such, perhaps this will just be a bump in the artist’s successful road, or one that sees her reevaluate and restructure her behavior and tendencies. Either way, it’s at least heartening to see her slowly but surely come to terms with everything that accusations like this entail. For more news and the latest updates on Lizzo, stay up to date on 360Hausa.


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