LYRICS: Dr. Pure – Again and Again (Official lyrics)

LYRICS: Dr. Pure - Again and Again (Official lyrics)

LYRICS: Dr. Pure – Again and Again (Official lyrics)

A brother from a different mother asked me on Whatsapp to upload “Again and Again” lyrics from the Album “Just The Begining”

Verse 1
Ive seen so many things
been to many places
took time and blazed with many races
we’re natural born hustlers
you know we be soldiers
fully equipped to get the job done
I’m gonna make it to the top
and take out the lot
this is my plot
my heart’s real solid
just like a rock
that’s the reason why i rule the spot
I’m like a sweet sensation
taking over your imagination
one day taking over the whole nation
the MC with enough information
there’s no way out when you enter my station
thats why when i come
i come with a flow dat everyone knows
making MC’s line up in rows
trying their best
but they’ll never know how i run the show
i glo in the dark
me and my boyz are known for making it spark
so mark my words
I’m seen never heard
thats why I’m superb
leader of the herd
prepare yourself this is a lyrical coup
my rhyme and deliverance
are blatantly remarkable
my lyrics are exceptional
and thats undeniable
when i step on stage the most reliable
a blessed MC with a gift from GOD
I’m groundbreaking with intimate honest lyrics
and gritty vocals
There no retreat no surrender no turning back
we’re never gonna stop for no-one
it’s a war we’re fighting in this life we live
everybody wants to take nobody wants to give
this is the life we live we’re born soldiers.
Verse 2
This is the last chapter
the final edition
taking me and my crew ona killer expedition
a military mission
we’re gonnna infest the whole of Nigeria
hear our tracks everywhere like malaria
so hear my vibe
hear my flow
you’re gonna realise when you feel my blow
i bet you never saw that coming
you never will cause we’re supreme
we appear in your dream
i land without a plan
cause I’m the man
and anythings possible when I’m around
I’m increasingly getting hyper
when i strike
i strike like a viper
knocking MC’s off of their feet
if they get up make them run down the street
everybody come and bop to the beat
gather round and generate some heat
and even if the roof’s on fire
I’m that MC the girls all desire
one in a million thats why they require
so come relight the fire that burns n my eyes
get in a position to tell true lies
analize, analize
when we step in the place we finalize.


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