Madonna just confirmed her relationship with Josh Popper

Madonna just confirmed her relationship with Josh Popper

Madonna just confirmed her relationship with Josh Popper. Madonna Confirms Relationship With 29-Year-Old Beau. 

Madonna, the iconic pop singer, has been making headlines recently after confirming her relationship with her new younger boyfriend, Josh Popper. The 64-year-old singer just recently shared pictures on her Instagram story of her kissing the 29-year-old boxer. The release of these photos seems to finally confirm their rumored relationship. While Madonna has dated younger men in the past, her new beau seems to be generating a bit of controversy. This is likely due to how significant the current age gap is.

The hype also stems from Josh Popper’s profession. Josh is a professional boxing coach, who owns a boxing gym in New York City. For a while, there were rumors that the relationship was purely for publicity. The implication was that Josh was trying to get his name in the headlines to attract attention to his business. However, Madonna’s Instagram story shut these rumors down as the two are shown kissing affectionately. Because Josh is only 29, many people are conflicted about the nature of their relationship.

Madonna and Josh Popper Show Off Their PDA

Madonna is a legend in the music world. Her music and other art have been the source of controversy for years. The artist bears the nickname, “the queen of pop” and has been a relevant figure in the industry since the 1980s. While Josh Popper is currently mainly known for his relationship with Madonna, he has his own impressive history. He once had goals to start a career in the NFL but was never drafted. Not dismayed, the athlete turned his attention to boxing. Now he has his own career and business in the boxing industry. The two are an unlikely pair for a number of reasons.

In recent years, people are growing more and more critical of age-gap relationships. These relationships are prevalent among the Hollywood crowd. Typically, people will see an older man paired with a much younger woman. While this is nothing new in the entertainment world, it is not often you see the reverse. Some people find it hypocritical to attack Leonardo DiCaprio for his dating choices when Madonna and other female artists are dating much younger men. Regardless of how one may feel about the ethics of their relationship, Madonna and her new boyfriend appear to be happy with each other.


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