Business & Markets and Aleph Partner to Boost Sales in Africa and Aleph Partner to Boost Sales in Africa, a leading African music streaming platform, has announced a strategic partnership with Aleph, a global digital advertising technology company. The partnership aims to boost Mdundo’s sales in Africa by expanding its advertising reach and engagement.

According to a statement seen by BusinessDay, this partnership will allow Aleph to assume the role of an authorised sales partner for Mdundo, with the primary goal of enhancing and expanding the platform’s advertising reach and engagement in the thriving music markets of Africa. has carved a niche for itself as a trailblazing platform that understands the significance of providing music access to every demographic, including individuals with budget-friendly mobile devices and limited internet data usage.

With over 150,000 musicians from all corners of Africa who are actively engaged with the platform, Mdundo is committed to promoting inclusivity in music access, empowering local African musicians to showcase their talents while enabling a broader audience to connect with their preferred artists and music genres.

By joining forces with Aleph, Mdundo aims to further amplify its impact and broaden its horizon, allowing artists to gain more visibility and music lovers to access a diverse range of high-quality content.

Martin Moeller Nielsen, CEO at, explains; “Our music service is experiencing explosive growth with millions of users across Nigeria, Tanzania, Ghana and South Africa.

This partnership allows our advertising clients in these markets to benefit from our unique mass-market reach and join our portfolio of leading global and African brands utilising our service to increase sales in within our target audience”

Aleph shares Mdundo’s commitment to promoting African creativity and believes that this collaboration aligns seamlessly with its mission to connect brands with engaged audiences.

By harnessing the power of Mdundo’s platform, Aleph through its Aleph Audio offering aims to deliver innovative and impactful advertising solutions that resonate with local audiences while supporting the growth of the music ecosystem in Africa.

“We are thrilled to develop an Aleph Audio offering that empowers advertisers to connect with audiences of diverse backgrounds across their target markets on popular audio streaming platforms,” says Stephen Newton, Aleph’s Managing Director, Africa.

“Mdundo’s dedication to fostering African musical talent is commendable, and we are excited to contribute to their efforts by leveraging our expertise in digital advertising. Together, we aspire to bring music closer to the hearts of people in Africa, while offering brands an avenue to connect meaningfully with their target consumers,” added Newton.

The venture will leverage Aleph’s extensive experience in digital advertising and its deep-rooted understanding of the African market to ensure a seamless integration of Mdundo’s offerings with Africa’s unique advertising landscape.


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