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Sir. Kuli Kuli.

-Dear patriotic Nigerians, not the easily manipulated or the ones confused by  politicians, view on religion, social misinformation and natural ignorance on simple issues. I want to summarily resubmit that Nigerian government and our Governors are wrongly copying the “Foreighn styles” of fighting the virus and some of our people are hailing them. This is clueless, unproductive and self deceiving!.

-The moment FG released ₦10 billion Naira (about $27  million) to Lagos state alone and ₦5 billion Naira (about $13 million) to NCDC Nigeria committed the biggest ‘fluff foul blunder’ about this pandemic, such a quick action with no foreseeable calculation that messed the whole battle into political confusion and steer up quest for monetary benefits.

-Believe it or not, whoever deceived the President into giving Lagos state $27 million dollars while $13 million to NCDC is a great enemy to Nigeria. This is political blasphemy, funding a single state with double amount you are funding the whole National Center for Disease Control. If you abuse me for my opinion then you are part of the aforementioned problems of Nigeria!.

-Is Lagos not a state in Nigeria?, so Lagos is more important than whole of Nigeria? This is a topic for another day, especially for now!. We further killed our hopes by basically focusing on lockdown and use of Sanitizers as our only strategy. This was the beginning of our woes, whatever that follows is a product of these Flimflammed stratagem!.

-Even when our billionaire moguls donated over $55.7m dollars, the ₦500 billion naira intervention fund, the ₦1.1Trillion spending plan, the ₦50 Billion intervention fund released by the CBN, the World Bank $14 billion package, the IMF US$3.4 billion to help Nigeria and other personal and corporate aids, Nigeria didn’t made any independent move, we just keep waiting for the ‘foreign Vaccines’ instead of developing our own ‘Emergency response Strategy’, a comprehensive style of wining the fight such as search for self medication and formulas of making lives easier for  Nigerians.

-Instead of us to confidently charge the Pharmaceutical Association of Nigeria to work with other experts in alternative medicine (traditional healers), we just disregarded every ‘Nigerian cure’ because we felt vaccines or cure can only come from ‘Europe and America’. Imagine Madagascar, developed an organic concoction to cure the virus from a plant called “Artemisia” or “TAZARGADE” in Hausa. This is pure independence, self confidence, trial in challenge and multidimensional leadership to salvage the people.

-Now, what we need  in Nigeria is ‘alternative public health measures’ not a complete waste of time in the ‘open and close lockdown’ where you lock communities for weeks only to open them to be exposed again by rushing individuals in markets, ATM’s, graveyards etc; an act that only continue to magnify the vulnerabilities in Nigeria. We prefer deceiving ourselves using formalities, broken laws and unnecessary orders.

-Alternative public health measures to Nigerians are nothing more than enforcing a compulsory use of face masks in public places, maintaining physical distancing, personal hygiene, mobilizing alternative medicine’s experts to present ideas on vaccine or cure for the virus and most importantly allowing people to get food and ensure the economy continues to function while still maintaining an aggressive response to the pandemic.

-In a global pandemic like this, we just can’t have equal remedy or use equal policies for survival, because we are not even similar not to even talk of being equal. Therefore, disrupting environmental transmission of the virus is the only viable strategy to protect the public. Facemask and space distancing are the most cheapest tools in fighting the pandemic while helping people to survive, the government can simply adopt the Turkish model. In Turkey, every citizen is entitled to five free masks a week, nobody go to public places without face masks.

-Ghana with a higher cases than Nigeria (2074 cases), lesser in population, smaller in capacity and weaker in all ramifications lifted all curfew, maintain some restrictions and focus on heavy public awareness on face masks and strict social distancing, while Nigeria is busy trying to adopt the European model of fighting the virus with an overreacting approaches. We can’t keep locking down when we don’t know the end of the virus!.

-I insist that scientists especially virologists must help public health decision-makers to understand why we must adjust to operational realities on responding to the virus in a more coordinated fashion. Science-based formulas should be mixed with African economic formulas that will be tolerated and accommodated by the people. Let’s forget those ‘European models’ and try applying what will help us survive.

-An expert in Virology confirmed to me that only sanitizers with 60% alcohol kill virus, and some of them even contain benzalkonium chloride as ingredient instead of alcohol, so its more reliable to use Hypo, Jik or soaps to wash hands and always cover your face. People focuses more on sanitizers than distancing and covering faces and we aren’t paying much attention to that.

-Our governments keep locking down people for weeks only to end up relaxing the curfew while millions of people will come out violently, stampeding and brushing  one another in the markets and other public place with no regard for any space distancing. If people will be held at home only to come out like that for the full exposure and spread of the virus, why then punishing the people with the curfew that’ll be compromised in a single day?.

-As at this Morning, the total conformed cases in Nigeria are 1932 persons, why then do we have to strictly try to copy those with thousands and million cases?. We’ve pretended to forgot that our demography, economic capacity, shock absorbing capabilities and general governing system are different from Europe’s hence shutting down our economy is an avoidable mistake that’s baseless, needless and strictly unnecessary. We better restrategize before everyone should be affected by one pandemic or the other.

-Imagine Nigeria trying to copy United States Of America, a country with over 1,095,304 and over 63,871 deaths. Even Italy with about 205,463 infected and over 27,967 deaths, France, Germany and others are now opening back to normal life though with certain restrictions, but Nigeria kept blabbing about “Economic Sustainability Committee, comprehensive policy,  blah blah blah” while time keep passing by and the people and economy keep collapsing.

-We can’t let COVID-19 stop our lives. The earlier we understand how the economy can function with coronavirus the better for everyone. Weather we like it or not,  unlocking the economy is the best way to go with a drastic measure put In place to fight this virus. The Virus is here to stay at least for a very long time. So facemask and social distancing are our most reliable weapons not irrational lockdown. May we live to see the end; alive and in healthy condition. God will interfere.

This is just my opinion… Please share this far and wide.

Sir. Kuli Kuli.
ND-PAD, PDDPIT, PDDPGD, HPDDPIT, B.Sc International Relations.
Twitter: @SirKuliKuliZaid Email:[email protected]

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Marvel Drops First “She-Hulk” TV Series Trailer



Marvel Drops First "She-Hulk" TV Series Trailer

Marvel Drops First "She-Hulk" TV Series Trailer

Marvel Drops First “She-Hulk” TV Series Trailer.

The next Marvel Cinematic Universe TV show has been announced, and it features some new and familiar faces from Marvel’s catalog of films. She-Hulk will follow the adventures of Jennifer Walters, a burgeoning new lawyer who is cousins with The Hulk, aka Bruce Banner. The comedy series will follow Walters as she works to control her own giant green powers, while also balancing her career, her social life, and her angry impulses.

The series will star Tatiana Maslany as the titular character, along with Mark Ruffalo returning for another outing as Bruce Banner.Tim Roth will also return as the antagonist in the role of Abomination, the same role he played in 2008’s The Incredible Hulk.

The trailer reveals that Walters represents other superheroes in her job as a lawyer, while she lives a double life as She-Hulk. While the trailer makes it seem like Walters would prefer a more quiet and normal life, she is compelled to use her newfound powers for the greater good.

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