MUSIC: DaBaby Feat. Pooh Shiesty – Bonnet

MUSIC: DaBaby Feat. Pooh Shiesty - Bonnet

New Song By DaBaby Feat. Pooh Shiesty – Bonnet Mp3 Download.

DaBaby has been a busy man as of late. He has been wrapped up in a few controversies, including new footage from the Walmart incident that took place back in 2018. He also shot a man on his property last month, however, he will not be facing charges due to the circumstances of the incident. Having said that, DaBaby is looking to get back at it in terms of music. Today, he dropped two new songs, including “Bonnet” which contains a feature from Pooh Shiesty.

As you can hear from the track below, “Bonnet” has some skeletal production that features tight claps and a synth in the back that sounds like a siren. Throughout the track, DaBaby offers up his usual flow all while delivering braggadocios and raunchy lyrics. The feature from Pooh Shiesty fits the song quite nicely, and these two have quite a bit of chemistry.

Let us know what you think of this new song, in the comments below.

Quotable Lyrics:

Bitch, there go baby them stuntin’
Hopping out, smelling good, pocket full of money
They hop off your dick when they got what they wanted
Tell me whatever, don’t tell me you love me


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