MUSIC: Danny Brown – Winter

MUSIC: Danny Brown - Winter

New Song By Danny Brown – Winter Mp3 Download.

It’s been roughly three years since the release of Danny Brown’s Uknowhatimsayin? The Detroit rapper’s offering was followed up with a spree of releases from the Bruiser Brigade label before he launched his own podcast, The Danny Brown Show on YMH Studios. Last week, the rapper debuted a new single on Your Mom’s House Live, titled “Winter.”

After fans flooded his mentions with demands for its release, Danny gave the people what they wanted on Sunday with a new Soundcloud drop. The record is produced by Danny Brown himself, bridging together his zany flows with hazy flute-laden production. Danny’s in his pocket, both lyrically and beat-wise. Hopefully, it’s a sign that we can be hearing Danny become more hands-on with the production side on his upcoming effort, Quaranta.

Check out Danny Brown‘s new record “Winter” and sound off with your thoughts in the comments.

Quotable Lyrics
My worst enemy is my pride
You can see the pain all in my eyes
N****s be cappin’, that ain’t how it happened
You’re rappers I can not believe


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