MUSIC: Maher Zain (ماهر زين) – Kun Rahma كن رحمة

MUSIC: Maher Zain (ماهر زين) - Kun Rahma كن رحمة

Trending Hit Song By Maher Zain (ماهر زين) – Kun Rahma كن رحمة Mp3 Audio Download. When You are looking For Good Songs, Maher Zain Songs Will Surely Cool Your Mind. Check Below For Of Maher Zain’s Latest Songs.

Quotable Lyrics & English Translation.

طفلٌ تسابقتِ الهمومُ إليهْ
تجري دموعُ اليُتْمِ في خدَّيه
تتلعثمُ الكلماتُ في فمهِ
وتُرى حياةُ البؤسِ في عينيه
ألمٌ وفقرٌ حالُه ودموعْ
ظمأٌ وجوعٌ قلبُه موجوع
من ذا يضيءُ له الحياةَ شموع
من ذا يواسيهِ ومن يؤويه؟
كن بلسما يمحو الأنينْ
وسعادةً للآخرين
ذا رحمةٍ وفضيلةٍ
كالماسِ كالدُّرِ الثمي
Though still a child, grief fills his heart
An orphan, his tears streaming down his cheek
Words from his lips refuse to part
His eyes of misery and agony speak
His lot is pain, poverty and tears,
Thirst, hunger and heartbreak
Who will light a candle to remove his fears
Who will comfort him and relieve his ache
Be a healing balm for pain
Bring happiness to the world
Your mercy and benevolence
Are dearer than gems and pearls
Be a rain-bearing cloud
That waters a thirsty soul
How wonderful life would be
If we were to show mercy to all



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