MUSIC: Yella Beezy Feat. EST Gee – Pimp C

MUSIC: Yella Beezy Feat. EST Gee - Pimp C

New Song By Yella Beezy Feat. EST Gee – Pimp C Mp3 Download.

It’s only been a few weeks since Yella Beezy unveiled his new album, Bad Azz Yella Boy but it looks like he has more music in the cut. The rapper returned this morning with the release of his latest single, “Pimp C” ft EST Gee.” The song boasts exhilarating production that finds EST Gee and Yella Beezy shrugging off their opponents with a sense of determination in their tone. Yella Beezy interpolates iconic UGK lyrics on the hook, rapping, “Swear to God, I’m never minding you hoes/ PImp C, real girls, get down on the floor,” a reference to “Take It Off.”

Check out the latest single from Yella Beezt and EST Gee below. Sound off in the comments with your thoughts on “Pimp C.”

Quotable Lyrics
If you see me, I’m a banger
I’mma shoot, fuck thinking
Serving shorts, back to arrangements
Red zones, rich gangstas
Meth slinging, gun slanga


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