Mystikal’s Lawyer Speaks Out About Rapper’s Rape Case

Mystikal's Lawyer Speaks Out About Rapper's Rape Case

Mystikal’s Lawyer Speaks Out About Rapper’s Rape Case.

On August 1, Mystikal was arrested on five charges, including domestic abuse and first-degree rape. The “Danger” rapper was then denied bond and booked into Ascension Parish Jail in Louisiana.

Mystikal’s lawyer, however, is confident that his client will beat the charges. Joel Pearce, who represented the New Orleans rapper back in 2020 for similar charges of rape and kidnapping, said he didn’t think there was any legitimacy to the accusations. In an interview with Billboard, Pearce claimed that he believes “there’s zero chance this goes to trial.”

The accusations against Mystikal are serious. The rapper’s been charged with first-degree rape, domestic abuse, battery, strangulation, false imprisonment, simple criminal damage to property, and simple robbery. Police arrested Mystikal after receiving a report of sexual assault and interviewing the victim at the hospital. According the cops, the information from the interviews and the injuries suffered by the victim gave them enough reason to arrest the rapper.

The incident in question occurred at Mystikal’s home in Prairieville on July 30. According to arrest warrants obtained by WBRZ News, Mystikal accused the woman with him of stealing $100 from him, and proceeded to punch her, choke her, and pull out her braids when she denied the accusations. He then took her keys and prevented her from leaving. According to the victim, Mystikal began to act erratically, yelling at her one moment and apologizing the next. He then asked the woman if her could “feel” her, and when she said no, he forced her onto a bed and raped her, claimed the victim.

Mystikal has been charged with sex crimes many times in the past. In 2004, he plead guilty to sexual battery after he and his security guards assaulted his hairstylist. He spent six years behind bars, and then reentered society as a registered sex offender in Louisiana. Shortly after his release, he was sent back to jail for violating his probation by allegedly assaulting his partner at the time.

In 2017, Mystikal was charged with rape after an alleged assault at a casino. He was eventually cleared of the charges.

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