NBA Youngboy Reveals How Much Money He Spent To Fans

More attention-grabbing Instagram posts from NBA Youngboy.

NBA Youngboy Reveals How Much Money He Spent To Fans. NBA Youngboy has made his return to social media worthwhile in recent weeks. The rapper is under house arrest in Utah for federal gun charges and has opted to spend his time recording music and posting updates for fans. Now in another new update he has all kinds of information to share with fans. In a new video Youngboy explains exactly how much money he’s spent and what he has spent it on.

According to his own tally he’s spent $10 million on real estate, $8 million on jewelry, and $7 million on clothes. While many fans were impressed with his real estate investments, they weren’t quite as positive about the rest. “He wasted more on bs than real estate, shoulda just put it all in real estate nobody gives af about clothes and jewelry,” one of the top comments says.

That wasn’t even the biggest reveal he gave to fans on social media recently. He also shared a new tattoo that has people shocked. He got his wifey Jazlyn Mychelle’s name tatted on him, which is surprising enough on its own. But the location and size of the tattoo had fans absolutely rolling in the comments. “Not he got that girl name over his kewchie,” says one comment. “Having 18 baby mommas and picking a favorite funny,” reads another.

NBA Youngboy’s New Tattoo Surprises Fans

Different recent social media drama surrounding NBA Youngboy has been even weirder. Fans didn’t know what to make of a recent Instagram post made by the rapper’s cat. While the pictures were about what you’d expect from a cat related Instagram the caption was a bit disturbing. “It’s me neon. I been seeing a lot my dad so unhealthy it’s scary even his mental he blows his money making people smile who don’t care to see the signs that’s literally in they face 20xanxz a day please #helpPs. My bowl Celine and my first birkin Bag otw …. But really matters him,” it read. Fans weren’t sure what to make of the post or its implications.

What do you think of NBA Youngboy’s receipts and his new tattoo? Let us know in the comment section below.

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