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NEWS: Music was my first step into entrepreneurship – Asahn Guyton



Asahn Guyton, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of South Park Management LLC, a real estate investment company based in US has revealed how his journey into entrepreneurship started. In a recent interview, the man who is set to share his success story in a book titled “A Kid From South Park” stated that he had long known and convinced that he needed to make something of his life but didn’t know how to go about it.

According to him, he formed a partnership with a childhood friend and together, they started a journey that took them to the enchanting world of entertainment. Guyton, was the artiste, his friend, who is now a Senior Vice President of A&R at Def Jam Records was the manager.

“Well, growing up I always knew I wanted to be something. “I wasn’t sure exactly what that something was, I just knew I didn’t want to be nothing. “So, I started doing music which was my first passion as a teenager. “And as I got older, I witnessed the freedom of being paid for something that I loved to do. “And that felt amazing. “I would say that was my first step to entrepreneurship. “I figured out something that I loved to do, and also got compensated for it,” he recalled Continuing, he said, “All we talked about was making it big in life and in music in particular. “And once we got into the business things were great. “All of our goals and plans were coming to fruition but then things took a left turn, and we no longer seen eye to eye. “So we ended up parting ways. “And once that happened I no longer had that same love for the business. “And throughout my journey as an entrepreneur I’ve learned that when you wake up everyday, only to do something for the paycheck and your hearts not in it, you are definitely headed for a crash at some point. “So, when I left the game I left the game and never looked back. “Not even once.” Asahn Guyton a.k.a Hen-Roq became popular with his single “Stand Tall,” which featured emerging singer Sonyae Elise. The two paired up to create a very inspirational piece produced by Al Shux who has also produced the Jay-Z record “Empire State Of Mind” Featuring Alicia Keys. Although he was not officially signed to Def Jam Recording but he was able to obtain all his musical success through them under the wings of his friend, Steve Carless. He was affiliated with them for 7 years. Asahn Guyton was born May 28, 1983.

He is an American entrepreneur, real estate investor, multi business owner and now an author. 

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Marvel Drops First “She-Hulk” TV Series Trailer



Marvel Drops First "She-Hulk" TV Series Trailer

Marvel Drops First "She-Hulk" TV Series Trailer

Marvel Drops First “She-Hulk” TV Series Trailer.

The next Marvel Cinematic Universe TV show has been announced, and it features some new and familiar faces from Marvel’s catalog of films. She-Hulk will follow the adventures of Jennifer Walters, a burgeoning new lawyer who is cousins with The Hulk, aka Bruce Banner. The comedy series will follow Walters as she works to control her own giant green powers, while also balancing her career, her social life, and her angry impulses.

The series will star Tatiana Maslany as the titular character, along with Mark Ruffalo returning for another outing as Bruce Banner.Tim Roth will also return as the antagonist in the role of Abomination, the same role he played in 2008’s The Incredible Hulk.

The trailer reveals that Walters represents other superheroes in her job as a lawyer, while she lives a double life as She-Hulk. While the trailer makes it seem like Walters would prefer a more quiet and normal life, she is compelled to use her newfound powers for the greater good.

This is not Maslany’s first experience in the world of television. Fans of Orphan Black will recognize her as the central protagonist Sarah Manning. She also gained notoriety in her role as Sister Alice McKeegan in Perry Mason.

All nine episodes of She-Hulk will be available for streaming on Disney Plus starting on August 17.

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