Niger Delta States Accumulate N2 Trillion Debt to NDDC, Hindering Regional Development

Niger Delta States Accumulate N2 Trillion Debt to NDDC, Hindering Regional Development.

The Managing Director, Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC), Dr Sam Ogbuku, has lamented that the agency is owed over N2 trillion by the states that make up the Niger Delta.

He said the sum was the accumulation of 15 percent of the allocation of the concerned nine states due to the commission but not paid since 2000.

Ogbuku, who disclosed this when he appeared before the House of Representatives Committee on NDDC, also said despite the passing of the 2021, 2022 and 2023 budgets of the commission, it was yet to get the funds till date.

He said, “I want to raise an important issue. When we talk about funding. The NDDC Act says the monthly allocation from the Federal Government is 15 percent of the allocation of nine states of the Niger Delta. But I can assure you that since the inception of the NDDC, it has not gotten that.

“The Federal Government only budgets what it wants to give to NDDC for that year and they give it that year. If you look at the 15 percent, we are not getting the 15 percent. Even with the removal of fuel subsidy and with the increment of states allocation NDDC is still where it is. So, these are issues we want you to help us resolve and we have done our calculation that from 2000 till date we can say we are owed over N2 trillion from what is supposed to be due NDDC.

“We also came in at a point where NDDC never had a budget for 2021, 2022 and 2023. These budgets were before the National Assembly and we had to fast track the passage of those budgets and those budgets were eventually passed in April this year.

“However, since the budget was passed, it has not been handed over to us up till now. We would pray and plead with you to ensure that as fast as possible, you also facilitate the process for us to have the budget because the budget year is already coming to an end.”

Chairman of the Committee, Hon. Ibori-Suenu Erhiatake, promised to look into the issues raised by the commission, with a view to addressing them.

“It is very important we create a platform for synergy in implementation of these policies and programmes for the general benefit of Nigerians and especially the people of the Niger Delta.

“I assure you that this committee is willing and ready to partner with you to make sure that the dividends of democracy are brought to the region and the narratives that had been set by the previous board are changed for the better.

“On this note I would want to seek your cooperation as a board and to ensure that every information we get from you is what we can work with as a committee and that everything we do henceforth is in the discharge of our duties to our people.

“On the issue of the budget, we would look into and find out why it hasn’t been transmitted to the Commission. For the time frame I cannot really say, but now you have brought it to our attention, we will look into it.”



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