Nigeria Aims for 124 Million New National IDs by 2024: What You Need to Know

Nigeria Aims for 124 Million New National IDs by 2024: What You Need to Know.

The National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) is targeting about 20 to 25 million National Identity Numbers (NINs) registration by the end of 2024, even as it has revalidated and given licences to 96 Front End Partners (FEPs) to fast track enrollment process nationwide.

This new target is coming on the heels of the fact that under the Digital Identification for Development (ID4D) project, the World Bank expects NIN enrollment to hit 148 million by June 2024.

The director general and CEO of NIMC, Engr. Abisoye Coker-Odusote, who disclosed this while addressing attendees at the Commission’s Management Retreat on Friday, in Lagos, charged the Commission’s FEPs with ensuring that no one is left out of the NIN registration process and ensuring they comply with the terms of the Nigerian Data Protection Act.

According to Coker-Odusote, “Our mission at NIMC is clear: to equip each Nigerian and legal resident with a unique and secure National Identification Number (NIN). This number is the key to accessing critical services, social benefits, and economic prospects. However, in order to accomplish this, we must ensure the integrity of our enrollment process.

“As FEPs, your involvement is crucial. You are the link between our citizens and the NIMC enrollment ecosystem. As you communicate with candidates, treat their information with care, accuracy, and thoroughness. Let us work together to protect our database from errors, fraud, and other threats to its integrity. While we welcome the expansion of our National Identity Database to over 104 million captured NINs, and targeting additional 20 to 25 million NINs registration by the end of 2024, we cannot rest on our laurels. Millions more are waiting to be enrolled. They include students, farmers, businesspeople, and the elderly. They are the heartbeat of our country.

“Let us reach out to all parts of Nigeria, from booming cities to isolated villages. Allow us to collaborate with schools, hospitals, and community leaders. Let us ensure that no one is left behind, including the vulnerable, people with disabilities, those living in remote locations, and so on. Let us make the NIN enrollment process accessible, fast, and inclusive.”

Continuing, Coker-Odusote entrusted the FEPs with professional behaviour and excellent communication, citing these as vital to success. “When an applicant enters an enrollment centre, they put their trust in us. They are certain that their personal information will be kept confidential, that their NIN will be secure, and that it will open opportunities for them. We must honour that confidence,” she added.

In her presentation on NIMC Ecosystem Enrollment, the Commission’s director of Business Development and Commercial Services, Mrs. Carolyn Folami, told the FEPs that the revalidation effort was intended to sanitise the system while correcting identified gaps. She utilised the opportunity to announce the start of payment of the remaining arrears owing to the FEPs, assuring them of the commission’s commitment to settling the outstanding balance as soon as possible.

“So far, 96 FEPs have been revalidated. It is still under progress, and as more are revalidated, they will be on-boarded. This month (February), we began paying the FEPs’ outstanding arrears in accordance with the DG/CEO’s earlier promise. We have now paid well over 15 companies and are attempting to clear the arrears. We have done some housekeeping. Currently, we are only working with Android smartphones,” she disclosed.

Meanwhile, one of NIMC’s FEPs, Jibyes Consulting, Tunde Ogunmola, has praised the government led by Engr. Abisoye Coker-Odusote for paying the outstanding arrears owed to them.

“We have been looking forward to our meeting with the DG/CEO of NIMC. It’s an opportunity to interact while increasing enrollment. We need more of this type of interaction to improve performance. The ongoing revalidation is an essential step to sanitise the system, as many things were not working properly prior to this point. I can certainly certify that payment has begun. Jibyes Consulting has received payment from the NIMC, and we are pleased,” Ogunmola stated.



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