Nigeria Cracks Down on Drug Barons: NDLEA Officers on the Hunt

Nigeria Cracks Down on Drug Barons: NDLEA Officers on the Hunt.

Chairman of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA), Retired Brig.-Gen. Mohamed Marwa, has called on Zonal, State Commanders, and Area Commanders of the agency to intensify efforts to apprehend drug barons still in hiding.

During a meeting with Directors and Commanding Officers of the agency at its headquarters in Abuja, Marwa emphasized the importance of dismantling drug cartels to sever the drug supply to individuals involved in criminal activities across the country.

He also reminded the officers of the importance of maintaining the NDLEA’s reputation. “Where inappropriate actions occur, the management will not overlook it. There will be penalties, just as there are rewards for good conduct, hard work, and results. The onus is on every commander to ensure the protection of our corporate integrity,” Marwa stated.

The NDLEA boss reassured his commitment to staff welfare, including providing a conducive work environment, allowances, remuneration, entitlements, and basic welfare packages. He urged Commanders to reflect this commitment in their respective Commands and warned that Commanders’ retention in their positions would depend on their performance.

“We have applied meritocracy to the rank and file; it is also fair to apply the same standard to the leadership. Your retention in command positions will henceforth be measured by your performance, which will be reviewed every quarter,” he explained.

Marwa made it clear that there is no room for underperformance in the new NDLEA and that leadership deficiencies at any level would lead to a review and possible change of leadership if necessary. “This year, we want to raise the bar of our performance, which calls for having commanders who are up to the task. Our jobs are clearly defined: We must clean our streets and communities of illicit substances. Therefore, go and perform, and let’s see greater results in the weeks ahead,” he said.

He assured personnel of support and reinforcement when necessary and encouraged commanders to stay focused on the agency’s goals for 2024.


“On this note, I want to implore commanders to keep our eyes on the ball. Let’s be prepared to work hard in 2024 and achieve unprecedented goals,” he added.




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