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NLC declares two-days nationwide protest over hardship

NLC declares two-days nationwide protest over hardship

The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) leadership announced a two-day nationwide mass protest scheduled for February 27 and 28. 

Joe Ajaero, NLC president, stated this at Labour House, Abuja, during an emergency session, which held on Friday. 

Ajaero explained that the decision to stage a protest was made after the 14-day ultimatum issued to the Federal Government regarding the nationwide hardships had expired. 

The deadline was given to emphasize the demands for reforms aimed at alleviating the ongoing hardships experienced by Nigerians. 

What the NLC is Saying  

The unions accused the Federal Government of failing to implement the agreement reached in October. 

  • “It is regrettable that we are compelled to resort to such measures, but the persistent neglect of the welfare of citizens and Nigerian workers and the massive hardship leave us with no choice.  
  • “Constrained by this development and recognising the urgency of the situation and the imperative of ensuring the protection and defence of the rights and dignity of Nigerian workers and citizens, the NLC and TUC hereby issue a stern ultimatum to the Federal Government to honour their part of the understanding within 14 days from tomorrow, the 9th day of February 2024,” Ajaero had said at a media briefing last week. 

What you should know 

  • Following President Bola Tinubu’s move to scrap a popular yet costly fuel subsidy last May, coupled with his administration’s decision to lift restrictions on currency trading, petrol prices skyrocketed, more than tripling in value. 
  • On February 8, the NLC and the Trade Union Congress (TUC) gave a two-week ultimatum to the government to meet demands ranging from wage increments to improved access to public utilities, and accused it of failing to uphold pledges to soften the impact of reforms. 
  • Africa’s biggest economy is now grappling with a cost of living crisis, fueled by the highest inflation rate in nearly three decades. 
  • The widespread insecurity has also hit agricultural output, fuelling food price inflation. 
  • The unions in a statement, gave the government 14 days to deal with “issues crucial to the well-being of Nigerian masses and workers.” 

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