Southern Guatemala Shaken by 6.1-Magnitude Earthquake, No Injuries Reported

Southern Guatemala Shaken by 6.1-Magnitude Earthquake, No Injuries Reported.

A 6.1-magnitude earthquake struck southern Guatemala late Friday night, sending tremors through the region but causing no reported casualties or major damage.

The temblor originated seven kilometers southeast of the town of Taxisco at a depth of 108 kilometers, according to the US Geological Survey, according to AFP.

The Guatemalan Seismology Institute measured the quake as a 6.0 and reported it being felt across the country’s south, including the UNESCO World Heritage city of Antigua Guatemala.

“No casualties or damage have been reported so far,” Guatemalan civil protection spokesman Rodolfo Garcia confirmed to reporters. Authorities are closely monitoring the situation nationwide.

Guatemala’s location at the convergence point of the Caribbean and Cocos tectonic plates makes it particularly vulnerable to earthquakes. In fact, officials estimate that roughly 90% of Guatemalan territory is prone to seismic activity.



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